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the spreading of a disease (especially cancer) to another part of the body

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Liver metastases from cancer of unknown primary (CUPL): A retrospective analysis of presentation, management and prognosis in 49 patients and systematic review of the literature.
About 3% of all patients with cancer have cancer of unknown primary origin (CUP).
Michael died last year after developing cancer of unknown primary cause, or CUP.
Sometimes patients may present with a metastatic cancer for which the organ of origin cannot be determined (cancer of unknown primary).
This match was the third open celebrating Barrie's life with proceeds going to Cancer of Unknown Primary (CUP).
Cancer of unknown primary origin (CUP), or occult primary malignancy, is not a single entity, but rather a complex clinical syndrome that represents many types of cancer.
According to the company, its Cancer Origin Test 'Value of microRNA-based molecular profiling in Cancer of Unknown Primary (CUP) cases for familial cancer risk assessment and genetic counseling', will be presented by study author and medical geneticist, E.
Tumor markers in metastatic disease from cancer of unknown primary origin.
A four-year prospective trial conducted at the Sarah Cannon Research Institute found that CancerTYPE ID successfully predicted the site of origin in patients with cancer of unknown primary (CUP), helping to direct site-specific therapy and improve survival.