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the spreading of a disease (especially cancer) to another part of the body

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Molecular assignment of tissue of origin in cancer of unknown primary may not predict response to therapy or outcome: a systematic literature review.
With cancer of unknown primary (CUP), for example, current techniques identify the primary site only 25% of the time.
In many cases a diagnosis of Cancer of Unknown Primary is no longer acceptable now that we have more precise diagnostic assays to identify the tumor of origin and, therefore, are able to make better clinical treatment decisions," said Dr.
The common differential diagnoses include metastases of malignancies primary to the head and neck, malignant lymphoma, and cancer of unknown primary site (CUP).
The posters, "Retrospective Analysis of Gene Expression Profiling and TTF-1 Staining in Cancer of Unknown Primary (CUP)"; "A Gene Expression Profile Test that Distinguishes Ovarian From Endometrial Cancers"; and "Estimation of Expected Survival Time Using Gene Expression Profiling for Tumor Site Origin" will presented in the Tumor Biology Session of ASCO, Monday, June 4, 1:15-5:15 pm, in S Hall A2.
Previous attempts to characterize cancer of unknown primary (CUP) have only managed to provide a statistical likelihood of a potential primary organ site, and for the most part have not addressed the question of which treatments are likely to be effective," said Dr.
I READ with interest your article about Michelle Darracott''s swim to raise money for Jo''s Friends, a charity dedicated to supporting and raising awareness about Cancer of Unknown Primary (CUP) (River swim is for mum, ECHO, August 7).
miRview(TM) mets - This test can accurately identify the primary tumor site in patients presenting with metastatic cancer, as well in patients whose tumor has not been identified, and consequently been labeled Cancer of Unknown Primary (CUP).
Belinostat is also under investigation in a randomized Phase 2 trial, as a combination therapy with carboplatin and paclitaxel, for cancer of unknown primary (CUP).
I am excited to have the opportunity to reinforce the fact that, for physicians, patients, and their families, a diagnosis of Cancer of Unknown Primary in many cases is no longer acceptable.
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