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cancer of the breast

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Some of the factors that are connected with increased danger for breast cancer in the women are: family history, personal background, breast changes, genes of cancer of breast (BRCA1 [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] BRCA2), hormones (estrogens), breast density, radiotherapy, body weight and environmental factors [8].
This initiative allowed the USA to decrease finally the sickliness and the mortality from the cancer of breast and to make progress to the achievement of healthy persons in 2000 between the racial and national minorities [23].
Another approach for the prevention of cancer of breast is the use of medicines.
It is likely with mechanisms as the reduction of excretion of estrogens and insulin in the women exists as preventive action at the cancer of breast. These two hormones have been connected with increased danger for breast cancer.
The publicity can be used as means for the briefing in a program of education of health on the cancer of breast? In the Glasgow was organized an expedition of publicity, for examination screening, that kept eight weeks, was developed with publicity of type, posters in the Underground of Glasgow the interior of buses and distribution of forms in the exits of city.