Cancer magister

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small edible crab of Pacific coast of North America

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Analogously, in SE Alaska, Cancer magister megalopae are sometimes observed in June, when local populations are just undergoing larval release (Fisher 2006).
The effects of starvation and acute low salinity exposure on food intake on the Dungeness crab, Cancer magister.
Food habits of staghorn sculpin, Leptocottus armatus, and their role as predators of juvenile Dungeness crab, Cancer magister, in Grays Harbor estuary, Washington.
Comparable longevity estimates for other crab species from the eastern Pacific are 8-13 y for Cancer magister (Pauley et al.
In the current investigation, we examined the influence of decreased levels of environmental oxygen on indigenous bacteria in the hemolymph of Cancer magister.
Post hoc tests revealed that zoeae of Cancer magister consumed significantly more 2-day-old larvae than 14-day-old larvae and significantly more 6-day-old larvae than 14-day-old larvae (Bonferroni's test, P < 0.
The Dungeness crab, Cancer magister Dana 1852, supports commercial and sports fisheries in the Pacific Northwest from Alaska to California.
1983) reported that Cancer magister, a weak osmoregulator, displayed a behavior in which it appeared that the branchial chambers were isolated when crabs were exposed to low salinity.
Catch-per-unit-of-effort studies of northern California Dungeness crabs, Cancer magister.
Habitat selection by young-of-the-year Dungeness crab Cancer magister and predation risk in intertidal habitats.
Here we compare the phenoloxidase activities and substrate specificities of proteins that co-occur in the hemolymph of the brachyuran crab Cancer magister, as a step toward understanding their different roles.
ABSTRACT Claw morphology and prey consumption rates of two estuarine crab species were compared: the introduced European green crab, Carcinus maenas, and the native Dungeness crab, Cancer magister.
Experiments on the development of artificial bait for the dungeness crab, Cancer magister (Dana).
Crassostrea gigas shell taken from Willapa Bay has also been planted in Grays Harbor, the next embayment northward, to provide nursery habitat for Dungeness crab Cancer magister as mitigation for the loss of an estimated 650,000 y1+ crabs by navigation channel dredging in 1990 (Visser et al.
The Dungeness crab Cancer magister is a large and commercially important species on the west coast of North America.