Cancer irroratus

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crab of eastern coast of North America


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Some estimates of population density and feeding habits of the rock crab, Cancer irroratus, in a kelp bed in Nova Scotia.
Guide to indicator fragments of principal prey taxa in the stomachs of two common Atlantic crab species: Cancer borealis Stimpson, 1859 and Cancer irroratus Say, 1817.
Distribution, reproduction and moulting of the rock crab, Cancer irroratus Say 1917, in the mid-Atlantic Bight.
Aspects of molting, growth and survival of male rock crabs, Cancer irroratus, in Chesapeake Bay.
Atlantic rock crab, Cancer irroratus (Reddin, 1973; Evans and Mann, 1977; Carter and Steele, 1982a).
A comparison of predation rates by non-indigenous and indigenous crabs (juvenile Carcinus maenas, juvenile Cancer irroratus, and adult Dyspanopeus sayi) in laboratory and field experiments.
Entrainment of seasonal and nonseasonal rhythms by the rock crab Cancer irroratus.
The effects of interspecific competition and prey odor on foraging in the rock crab Cancer irroratus (Say).
Biology of rock crab, Cancer irroratus Say, in the coastal waters of Virginia.
Size at maturity and fecundity of rock crabs, Cancer irroratus, from the Bay of Fundy and southwestern Nova Scotia.
Occurrence size composition and sex ratio of the rock crab, Cancer irroratus Say and the spider crab, Libinia emarginata Leach in Delaware Bay.
KEY WORDS: scallop, Placopecten magellanicus, seeding, mortality, growth, dispersal, substrate, predation, Cancer irroratus, Asterias vulgaris
Two predator species were considered: the rock crab, Cancer irroratus (92 [+ or -] 1 mm carapace width, mean [+ or -] SE, n = 41) and the sea star, Asterias vulgaris (74 [+ or -] 2 mm radius, mean [+ or -] SE, n = 87).
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