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Synonyms for cancellation

Synonyms for cancellation

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the speech act of revoking or annulling or making void

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Inpatient and emergency department locations combined were the ordering source location for 2789 cancellations (74.
On the day of surgery, the completed surgeries that were scheduled and the list of cancellations with the reason for cancellation were entered in separate registers, by the anaesthesiologist.
Table 3 shows the sub-specialty of ENT, Head and Neck surgery with cancellations.
For the majority of categories it was quite clear that there were avoidable causes for cancellations.
In a notice of cancellation that purportedly was effective on August 1, 2002, Capitol advised Montoya that it had cancelled the insurance policy pursuant to the power of attorney.
Furthermore, sales that are subsequently canceled never get back into the government's inventory estimates, and it's clear that cancellations have been rising.
Policies also cover such unfortunate events as stolen wedding gifts, power outages, injured guests, illness such as a bride getting appendicitis five days before the wedding, and event cancellation due to the untimely death of a family member.
I have had much better office morale since I instituted my policy of charging for no-shows or late cancellations.
In the past, serial cancellations and storage decisions focused primarily on print resources, but with the addition of electronic resources, librarians must now manage an integrated collection consisting of both print and electronic formats.
Even though the cancellation payments were made to facilitate the merger, they nevertheless were currently deductible.
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Although parking spaces in the Getty's garage are still booked through October, cancellations are beginning to flow in, making room for those who aren't organized enough to make reservations months in advance.
Such sales may or may not make their way to closing, and the government collects no information on cancellations or closings.