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27, 2015 photo, people gather to observe a Guinness World Records attempt for the most lights on an artificial Christmas tree in Canberra, Australia.
NASA officials broke groun near Canberra, Australia on Wednesday, beginning a new antenna-building campaign to improve Deep Space Network communications.
Earlier in the year, researchers in Canberra, Australia discovered that bees aren't just good at making honey--they're good at math, too
A shortage of air traffic controllers reportedly led to airspace north-west of Canberra, Australia not beeing monitored for two hours last night (7 July).
Right: Chinese protesters yelling at Tibetan protesters during the 2008 Beijing Olympics torch relay in Canberra, Australia yesterday
As Earth turns, a distant probe's faint radio signal comes into view of one of the three main sites at Goldstone, California, Canberra, Australia, and Spain.
MAY 24-27 SimTecT National Convention Centre Canberra, Australia
Local officials in Canberra, Australia recently announced that the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) government has introduced 24 Toyota Prius hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) into agency fleets.
W Kelman of the Commonwealth Department of Health and Aging, Canberra, Australia, and associates.
Similar plumes from intense fires near Canberra, Australia, reached the stratosphere in January 2003, he says.
In a new study, a research team at CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organization) Health Sciences and Nutrition, Canberra, Australia, will chart developments in the cognitive performance of a group of 7-9 year old South Australian children over a 12-month period.
The Surface Coatings Association of Australia has issued a call for papers for its 44th annual conference, which will be held August 6-9 in Canberra, Australia.
Plans for the "Reconciliation Memorial" in Canberra, Australia, have incensed members of the "Stolen Generations" and their supporters, who accuse the Australian government of attempting to whitewash the history of the forced removal of over 50,000 Aboriginal children from their parents.
Tuomioja will also, among other things, inaugurate the new Finnish embassy building in Canberra, Australia.