Canavalia gladiata

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twining tropical Old World plant bearing long pods usually with red or brown beans

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Freitas et al., "Crystallization and preliminary X-ray diffraction analysis of the lectin from Canavalia gladiata seeds," Acta Crystallographica D: Biological Crystallography, vol.
Hill, APIACEAE) Pimenton, pimiento (Capsicum annuum L., C M V SOLANACEAE) Pomelo (Citrus paradisi Macf., RUTACEAE) C M Poroto haba (Canavalia gladiata (Jacq.) C M DC., FABACEAE) Poroto moradito, overito, rosadito, blanco, negro guillador (Phaseolus C V vulgaris L.
Sword bean (SB) (Canavalia gladiata Jacq.) is a tropical under-utilized food legume, wildly distributed in the Eastern and Western Ghats of South India and also cultivated as a fodder crop in Northern and Peninsular India [1].
The seed materials of sword bean (SB) (Canavalia gladiata (Jacq.) DC.) were collected from Bharathiar University Campus, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, South India (Fig-1).
[3.] Pugalenthi M and V Vadivel Nutritional evaluation and the effect of processing methods on antinutritional factors of sword bean (Canavalia gladiata (Jacq.) DC).