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a group of mountainous islands in the Atlantic off the northwest coast of Africa forming Spanish provinces

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Now with BeE-iktaE- idle until Sunday, the Canaries would increase their lead to five points by beating seventh-placed KasympaE-a on Friday and let the Eagles think about the rest.
Sgt Debbie Gallon, of West Midlands Police, said: "Both breeders had security in place but with canaries being advertised for sale online at around PS20 each, we'd advise others in the business to consider taking any extra measures they can, and would ask neighbours to be on the look-out for any suspicious activity.
Aitor Karanka's side saw plenty of the ball but failed to test Ruddy in the Norwich goal with the Canaries comfortable with their lead.
What lifesaving feats did these canaries carry out in nearly 80 years of service?
Prendront part, sans doute, a cette seance de lancement, Mohamed Boussaid, Wali de la Region Souss Massa Dr, Brahim Hafidi, President du Conseil Regional SMD et Paulino Rivero Baute, President du Gouvernement des Iles Canaries en presence des membres de la delegation canarienne, la presse et les operateurs regionaux (elus , services exterieurs.
Canaries were taken into coal mines because of their high sensitivity to methane and carbon monoxide.
In practical terms for local businesses, the measure permits a tax discount on income derived from the sale of goods produced in the Canaries, as well as a tax reduction for companies on profits generated in their establishments located in the Canary Islands which are assigned to constitute an investment reserve.
Riding the environmental wave to profit at the expense of their canaries, the landfills and future generations by landfilling risks and responsibilities.
Anachem's comprehensive range of fixed and portable solutions for gas detection and air sampling not only ensures you and your employees can be safe from the effects of any poisonous gases and fumes or unidentified dusts in the workplace, it has abolished the need for innocent canaries to suffer in silence.
MIDLAND bird breeders are spitting feathers because thousands of canaries are being snapped up by Americans terrified of nerve gas attacks by terrorists.
HARD-UP Allan Murray has been crowned a world champion bird breeder - after swapping his Rangers season ticket for a flock of canaries.
As Garcia Perez (1988: 17) explained, when searching for references to these islands in the many books about English travellers in Spain one is immediately struck by the fact that the Canaries have largely been ignored.
Coal miners once depended on canaries for good health.
His knowledge of birds, especially finches and canaries, is amazing.