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a deliberately misleading fabrication

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I am deeply pained and anguished by the falsehood and canards being spread to score political points in a lost cause by none less than Prime Minister, Sh.
Such a maximal canard defines a family of canards nearby which are exponentially close to the maximal canard, i.
Autre canard boiteux du groupe Attijari, la [beaucoup moins que]Generale immobiliere du Sud[beaucoup plus grand que] qui exerce dans le domaine de [beaucoup moins que]l'achat, de lotissement et d'amenagement de terrains destines a tout usage, de la construction et la renovation d'immeubles individuels, semi-collectifs et collectifs a usage d'habitation, commercial, professionnel et administratif.
Neste sentido, existiria uma clara continuidade entre o noticiario oral de atualidade e seu "homonimo" impresso, pois "canard' traduz bem, em ultima analise, o estado ordinario "oral" de circulacao da informacao: publicados as vezes em cadernos de ate 25 paginas (embora normalmente oscilando em pecas in-8[degrees] de 10 a 16 paginas), frequentemente com a folha de rosto ilustrada (ainda que as gravuras pouco tenham a ver com o conteudo), (17) canards e bulletins nao eram comercializados em bancas, lojas ou casas de edicao, mas por ambulantes (colporteurs e vendeurs a la criee) que gritavam o seu conteudo nas ruas.
Singhvi said it was lamentable that such canards were being spread about a CD, which has, in fact, been accepted thrice over to be 'fabricated and morphed'.
Here I demonstrate the French people's resistance to affordable modern alternatives to the canards, and in a larger sense their resistance to cultural change, a veritable cultural counterrevolution," 25.
Such is the generosity of Africans inspired by the conviction of their ideas that they will grant an opportunity to someone whose views and canards are clearly not worthy of publication.
One would think that the case for Canada's continued intervention in Afghanistan can be made without resorting to hackneyed and long-disproved Granatsteinian canards.
Best is Canards Sauvages, in which splashes of water provide an irresistible rhythm to Camille's childlike chorus.
The model also included a custom high-speed data acquisition system and high-rate canard actuators capable of deflecting the canards at rates of 1500[degrees] per second, as well as high-performance canard and roll control systems.
In making this argument, he first demonstrates the importance of the news sheets (canards) as a news genre, explores their social composition, and examines the issue of political censorship, before reviewing representations of crime and criminal justice in the canards as a window into the larger public's vision of crime and justice.
During flight, the projectile "de-rolled" successfully, deployed canards, acquired GPS signals, calculated the navigation solution, and maneuvered itself to the target, which it then destroyed.
The Palestinian cause deserves better than Curthoys and his canards.
Then he writes that in his account of the pogroms of the early 20th century, Solzhenitsyn is far more concerned with exonerating the good name of the Russian people than he is with the suffering of the Jews, and that on occasion he accepts the czarist government's canards blaming the pogroms on provocations by the Jews themselves.
What better way to counteract these canards than to show our dedication to the entire community?