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Synonyms for tunnel

Synonyms for tunnel

a passageway through or under something, usually underground (especially one for trains or cars)

a hole made by an animal, usually for shelter

move through by or as by digging


force a way through

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Some mill owners still went bankrupt, though, and within a few decades the canals were outpaced by trains - rail lines were blasted parallel to the hard-fought canal tunnel.
Barney Stevenson, artistic director at Marsden Jazz Festival, said: "We have organised a huge variety of events over the years but it's certainly one of the most unusual and complex to organise in a canal tunnel.
The tunnel, which is situated to the west of Chirk and was one of the first canal tunnels in Britain to have a towpath running through it, is unlit and becomes pitch black in the middle.
ALL ABOARD: Dr John Feltcher of Wednesbury, who founded the Dudley Canal Tunnel Preservation Trust,in 1964, is pictured in the foreground.
The footbridge at Prince's dock will be raised and a new fixed bridge and lock implemented, as well as an extension to the section of canal tunnel that was built earlier this year by Liverpool City Council as part of the cruise liner facility project.
Descend the steps to the towpath and follow the water on your left to enter the canal tunnel and exit on to the road.
A morning's boating from the marina at Alvechurch near Birmingham to Stoke Bruerne takes us through Blisworth, the longest canal tunnel in Britain.
Chairman of the Armed Forces' Engineering Authority Kamel el-Wazir said that the Suez Canal tunnel is the second most important project in the region, according to Egypt's State Information Service (SIS).
APERFORMANCE inside Britain's longest canal tunnel and a gig featuring a Mercury Prize nominee are among the highlights at this year's Marsden Jazz Festival.
I had read a very small, almost insignificant, paragraph in the local daily stating that during the night there had been a collapse, a crownerin, at Castle Hill in Dudley, specifically close to Shirts Mill Basin, part of the canal tunnel complex.
uk Dudley Canal Tunnel and Singing Cavern offer a subterranean journey into the past.
He bought the manor of Saddleworth in 1791, built a wood mill at Springhead, and coincidentally was a key member of the Standedge canal tunnel company.
Then on to Columbiers, on the way passing through the 176 metre long Malpass tunnel, the oldest canal tunnel in the world.
Our normally composed detective is understandably rattled when his wife Joyce is trapped in a collapsed canal tunnel.
8 It has the longest canal tunnel in the world - the Rove tunnel in the Canal de Marseille au Rhone which is 42 miles long