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A larger, global audience is looking on as Canadian companies take on the economy, the government, and deeply entrenched attitudes in the populace itself, in their effort to remain competitive.
Percentage of Canadians who would support a banking merger: 27
Through it all, she got to know a number of indigenous Canadians. Gradually she recognized the depth of their mistrust of non-indigenous Canadians, and sought the reasons for this.
Printing of promotions is done in the USA, and packages are then trucked to the border and entered into the Canadian mail stream.
"It was an eye-opener," said Leknes, "the Canadians really know their stuff when it comes to deploying ...
Or, to be more fair, what common sentiment holds Canadians together as a people?
Happy that Canadians are finally allowed to have dogs as house pets?
The South Americans may feel an affinity towards Canada because Ottawa shares some of South America's worries about FTAA rules on agriculture; or, they might feel more comfortable dealing with Canadians, because as a middle-level power, Canada does not inspire such reflexive alarms as the United States.
The one difference in the way that Canadian regulators typically work compared to American ones is usually they talk to you first, come back to you with an order later and then maybe take you to court.
This activity is carried out by geoscientists whose contribution and progress is facilitated by a well-coordinated spectrum of geoscience and geoscience-related societies that play a vital role in serving the needs of Canadians. The Canadian Geoscience Council (CGC) is the meeting place for three sectors that vary in the way that they measure success.
According to annual surveys of Canadian physicians, the median wait for treatment after a referral from a general practitioner jumped by 90 percent between 1993 and 2003--from 9.3 weeks to 17.7 weeks.
Canadians have played leadership roles in IODP, and Canada has significant expertise in all aspects of earth system science research.
Then, Canadians suffered through the loss of its national obsession--professional hockey--when the National Hockey League effectively cancelled its 2004-'05 season when team owners locked out the players.
Caring Canadians, involved Canadians : highlights from the 2004 Canada Survey of Giving, Volunteering and Participating.
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