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Third, the factor of the learner's English proficiency level will affect the acquisition of Canadianisms, but only slightly.
Fourth, learners' native language might be a variable that affects their acquisition of Canadianisms.
Last but not least, we expect to find that international English learners studying in Canada are not systematically exposed to Canadianisms.
The second survey was administered to ESL teachers; it explored teachers' attitudes toward teaching Canadianisms and their approaches to teaching them.
Parts II and III of the student survey consisted of the Canadianisms that were tested.
Part III examined ESL students' receptive knowledge of Canadianisms. In designing this part, we used a more typical multiple-choice format, requiring subjects to choose the best equivalent.
Parts II and III each tested 15 Canadianisms. The following considerations influenced the selection of test items.
The second survey aimed to investigate the ESL instructors' attitudes toward teaching Canadianisms and to elicit their methods of teaching them.
Thus we can see that these ESL learners showed a limited knowledge of Canadianisms.
This means that as one would expect, their receptive knowledge of Canadianisms was better than their explicit knowledge (see Table 1).
Focusing on individual items tested in the survey, results show that these ESL learners had not picked up Canadianisms randomly.
Correlation Between Length of Stay in Canada and Knowledge of Canadianisms
In other words, these ESL learners' knowledge of Canadianisms appeared to have nothing to do with the duration of their stay in Canada.
Effect of English Proficiency Level and LI Background on Knowledge of Canadianisms
The two-way ANOVA results indicated that these ESL learners' knowledge of Canadianisms was significantly affected by their proficiency level (F=7.821, df=2, p<.05), but not by their native language (F=.367, df=4, p>.05).
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