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The surveyed teachers had sharply divided views on teaching Canadianisms in class.
When asked whether they would deal with Canadianisms as they came up in class, five said yes, one no, and two did not answer.
These responses show that although more than half of these teachers had an interest in teaching Canadianisms in class, some did not like the idea.
Obviously one cannot assume that all ESL teachers in Canada wish to teach Canadianisms.
When asked what methods they would use in teaching Canadianisms, all the teachers surveyed said that they would explain the meanings of Canadianisms in reading or listening materials or at students' request; two said they would also ask students to look up a word in a Canadian English dictionary; and no teacher chose the last alternative: to ignore Canadianisms that did not impede students' understanding of a text.
newspapers); (b) giving students a list of Canadian words and acronyms and asking them to consult native speakers; (c) focusing a lesson on Canadian English; (d) asking students what they thought some Candianisms meant and discussing equivalents in their cultures; and (e) introducing pertinent Canadianisms before assigning a reading.
To summarize, these ESL students' knowledge of Canadianisms was limited.
More than half the teachers showed a positive attitude toward teaching Canadianisms and could suggest teaching methods.
Why do learners learn some Canadianisms and not others?
ESL students' spotty knowledge of Canadianisms can also be partly explained by the communicative strategies these learners develop (Corder, 1983).
Thus we were surprised to find no correlation between the length of time these learners had spent in Canada and their knowledge of Canadianisms.
Our hypothesis of a weak correlation between English proficiency and mastery of Canadianisms was also disproved.
A glance at the list of Canadianisms tested (see Appendix A) shows that 12 of the 30 items are multiword units, which in fact could be increased to 20 of 30 if solid compounds (e.
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