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In the "Canadian English Lab" they completed the main data collection for the Bank of Canadian English by fall 2010, based on a data "harvesting" scheme and a list of codified Canadianisms compiled from three print dictionaries (Canadian Oxford Dictionary 2004, the Gage Canadian Dictionary 1997 and the ITP Nelson Dictionary 1997).
In Sybil Shack's view, schools were expected to develop children's understanding of the common good, along with the civic virtues requisite to building a strong national character, with all the nuances implied by an ideal of Canadianism that she did not explain.
(5) In his view the middle class sought to address the post war crisis "by casting the post-war order in a particular idiom of nationalism informed by a common Canadianism rooted in Anglo-conformity and a citizenship framed in notions of service, obedience, obligation and fidelity to the state." (6) The National Conference on Character Education in Relation to Canadian Citizenship that took place in Winnipeg in 1919 was an example of efforts after the war to advance this idiom of citizenship.
Unlike the largely accommodative attitude towards Britain, these contrasting impressions of America assumed the form of a serious national debate in Canada by the mid of the 20th century, resulting in the establishment of the Royal Commission on National Development in the Arts, Letters and Sciences (Commonly referred to as Massey Commission) mandated to assess Canadianism v/s foreign influences in the nation's cultural and intellectual life.
In his review of The Second Scroll for the Canadian Forum, Malcolm Ross writes that the novel is quintessentially Canadian because "Klein stakes out a claim for [Canadians] in richer and further dimensions than we have hitherto dared to occupy." (18) Despite its overtly Jewish content, Ross believes that "the author's Canadianism is a nodal point in the treatment of his theme." (19) The protagonist of The Second Scroll struggles with his double identity, torn between his Canadian upbringing and the desire to seek out his mercurial uncle Melech in the newly formed Jewish State of Israel.
"|B]y the early 1920s," writes Mills, he "spoke the language of a postcolonial Canadianism" and accepted "the need to respect and preserve the diverse, multicultural character" of the country.
'Uncanadianism is almost the very definition of Canadianism', he concluded, quoting the writer Hugh Hood.
Lipset (2001) noted how these myths of primal Canadianism have become ingrained in the collective national psyche.
Of note particularly here are Alexander Legatt on the question of a "national" drama in rural Ontario, and Alan Filewod on "true Canadianism," and the "nostalgia for a perpetually re-invented past" (56) that is somehow embedded in the search for a post-imperial nationhood.
Marusya Bociurkiw presents an intriguing study on what much of Canada's identity and Canadianism comes from what they see on television, be it from commercials, dramas, or other television offerings.
The form and direction of the performances and installation art were student-led, reflected youth experiences and expressions, and consequently provided a candid look at the young Canadianism of the digital age.
But in not doing, he has revealed a vision that is no less clear--and arguably more radical-than Diefenbaker's un-hyphenated Canadianism, or Trudeau's lust Society.
"I grew up in a navy family," wrote Alan Filewood, author of Theatre, Navy and the Narrative of True Canadianism. "My father was a regular force officer who had risen from the lower deck, and he was himself the son of a petty officer who had come to Canada as one of the British Royal Navy crews that brought Canada's first warships to this country in 1911.
"Chauvinism and Canadianism: Canadian Ethnic Groups and the Failure of Wartime Information." On Guard For Thee: War, Ethnicity, and the Canadian State 1939-1945.
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