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Our results do not support the precocity-longevity relationship in Canadian-born NHL players, raising the question of its generalizability to sport populations.
"Life satisfaction among recent immigrants in Canada: Comparisons with source-country populations and the Canadian-born" uses data collected by previous surveys in Canada and 43 other countries that have large diaspora communities in Canada ("source countries").
Using the Canadian Labour Force Survey (2006-2012), she examined the prevalence of and trends in precarious employment, comparing recent and established immigrants to their Canadian-born counterparts for her dissertation.
Very few immigrant, refugee, and Canadian-born youth reported that they were not looking for employment and were thus excluded from the analysis.
He twice beat Rusedski in singles action, and also teamed up with brother Jamie to defeat the 33-year-old Canadian-born English player and James Auckland in a doubles contest.
Mr Straker and his wife Canadian-born Elspeth(CORR), 56, are coping with the news their son, Pete, 31, has also been struck down with the disease.
The Canadian-born dance scholar felt that the appropriate site for this first, in-depth look at the subject should be Montreal.
Sir Elton and Furnish, a Canadian-born film-maker, have been together for 12 years.
Canadian-born Italian international Sacratini scored two goals as the Devils crushed Steelers 4-1 away and then won 3-1 in the return home leg last night.
Canadian-born Daniel Powter's Bad Day was pushed into third place while Pete Doherty's Babyshambles went straight in at number four with F*** Forever.
Early findings indicated that newly arrived immigrants had lower earnings than comparable Canadian-born workers, but that this initial earnings gap narrowed significantly as immigrants adjusted to labour market conditions in the receiving society (Chiswick, 1978; Meng, 1987).
In Chasing Chinese, student May Chew examines the inner conflict that Canadian-born Chinese suffer in denying yet embracing their ethnicity by taking her camera into places like a Chinese classroom.
As the Canadian-born offspring of post-World War II Polish immigrants, I am a comparatively "rare bird" in my community, in that I have retained most of my parents' heritage, including language.
CANADIAN-born soft-porn actress Louise Robey, who married the Eton-educated Earl of Burford seven years ago, has posted a message on the Internet saying she can no longer hack life as an aristocrat.
Rusedski crushed Burgsmuller in 85 minutes, firing 12 aces and winning 89 per cent of points on first serve.RUSEDSKIHe joins Tim Henman in the last 16 - only the third time since Canadian-born Rusedski started playing for Britain in 1995 that the pair have both reached the fourth round at a Grand Slam event.
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