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Most homestay students were older on average than immigrant or Canadian-born youth and spoke a language other than English at home (p<0.
For example, for Canadian-born individuals whose birth dates are before May 24, 1934, the only requirement is that the U.
To assess whether immigrants differ from their native-born counterparts of the same cultural heritage, all nonaboriginal youth were subdivided on the basis of their immigrant status; those born in Canada are referred to as Canadian-born, all others as immigrants.
The research team interviewed refugee and nonrefugee immigrants, asylum-seekers, and Canadian-born new mothers for depression, social support, interpersonal violence, and demographic information.
Mr Straker and his wife Canadian-born Elspeth(CORR), 56, are coping with the news their son, Pete, 31, has also been struck down with the disease.
Canadian-born Aszure Barton, 30, has been a practicing choreographer for almost her entire life.
In this regard, there are more Canadian-born "foreigners" among us than those from other countries.
beef products in December after halting the imports two years ago after the discovery of mad cow disease in a Canadian-born cow in Washington state.
The Canadian-born Devils captain, who has played in Britain for the last five years, will talk to Nottingham Panthers coach Mike Blaisdell as the pair are close friends, but it looks certain he will opt for a return to South Wales.
Canadian-born Boulanger, 37, was riding in the $100,000 Mac Diarmida Handicap when his horse, In Hand, broke down approaching the far turn of the turf race.
Baptist work among the Chinese can be classified into two categories: Chinese ministries within the English-speaking churches in Western Canada and independent Chinese congregations with an English ministry for their second-generation Canadian-born children.
Early findings indicated that newly arrived immigrants had lower earnings than comparable Canadian-born workers, but that this initial earnings gap narrowed significantly as immigrants adjusted to labour market conditions in the receiving society (Chiswick, 1978; Meng, 1987).
At this point in the motion picture industry, the three highest-paid and best known actresses in the world were all Canadian-born.
one of the world's largest newspaper chains, chaired by Canadian-born and now Lord Conrad Black.
Profuse and appealingly offhanded, the show by the Canadian-born duo featured some fifty jointly produced works that ranged from a sprawl of technically brilliant pale blue and green freestanding polystyrene sculptures to cryptic wall-based arrangements of photos and text-covered drawings.
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