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Four Canadian soldiers who were on a night-time training exercise were killed by a 500 pound bomb that Schmidt launched from his F-16 jet, and eight others were wounded.
UNEF was a Canadian idea, commanded initially by a Canadian soldier. Many in Canada saw it as an excellent example of how a middle power could offer impartial diplomacy as well as equipment and personnel to help defuse international conflicts.
Back in the war zone, Canadian soldiers continued to take in the vitalizing power of spring, through to the last year of the conflict.
In March 2008 two Canadian soldiers, who were staying in Paphos for decompression, were charged with assaulting a British resident.
Also in southern Afghanistan on Saturday, two Canadian soldiers with the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force and their Afghan interpreter were killed and three other Canadian soldiers were wounded in the incident, Canada's military announced in Ottawa.
(Three days after Easter Sunday, two more Canadian soldiers were killed in Afghanistan, bringing the total to 53 Canadian troops and one diplomat who have been killed since 2002.)
They were joined by French forces and Canadian soldiers were also expected.
In early March 1919 thousands of Canadian soldiers took part in a frenzy of destruction.
A part-time American fighter pilot mistakenly bombed and killed four Canadian soldiers during a live fire training exercise in Afghanistan.
Three days later, several newspapers ran the same story but alleged it involved three Canadian soldiers and that the crucifixions had actually occurred during the battle of Ypres.
Dozens of Taliban, 2 Canadian soldiers killed in Afghan violence
Thousands of Canadian soldiers were stationed at the Kinmel army camp in Bodelwyddan waiting to go home after the First World War.
Kandahar is the operational home of Task Force Afghanistan, 2,200 Canadian soldiers and 10,000 others charged with facilitating the three D's of Canadian foreign policy: defence, diplomacy and development.
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