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the basic unit of money in Canada


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It seems that this Hialeah office has set up a round-about mechanim to bypass OFAC restrictions and affidavit requirements by using a third-party Canadian money transfer service to conduct hassle-free (if pricey) money transfers to Cuba.
Tom called it the Green Sheet because 'green is the color of money.' I still do it here although I have to explain why it's green because Canadian money isn't."
Canadian money will fuel its existence for years to come.
Why would Canadian money be acceptable when its members are not?
"Well, they rejected that idea, so I started Shippers Supply." It is a company which now has annual sales, in Canadian money, of $30 million.
If you're a Canadian producer looking to sell your show to an American distributor, you'd better leave out the Maple Leaf and that funny--looking Canadian money. The end product has got to pretend to be American, or at least be generic in a way that viewers will understand, by default, that it is set in the United States.
How much Canadian money do you need to buy one American dollar?
Take a $10 million budget, which is composed partly of foreign money, partly of Canadian money. If you go "Cancon" in Canada, the value of your Canadian sale doubles.
Hold on to Your Money offers an inexpensive way for employers to provide assistance in personal budgeting and Canadian money management in an overall context.
The people who came from the Gulf maintain the same level of material prosperity as they used to have in the Gulf Everybody knows that in the Gulf people do not have to pay for rent, taxes or anything, so they have decent incomes, and the currency is strong compared to the Canadian money. There is no comparison between them and the masakin (the poor) Sudanese who are on welfare.
The Canadian money management industry witnessed its biggest deal yet when AIM Funds Management Inc.'s parent company Amvescap PLC bought out market giant Trimark Financial Corp.
The financing package that created the $10 million "Stardom" was a mix of 80% Canadian money and 20% French financing.
Some of the most adventurous Canadian money for start-up companies is to be found amongst firms headquartered in Montreal where venture capital is relatively abundant.
The CIF, phase one, covers the Bank of Canada, Canadian money market, government and corporate finance, advanced interpretation of financial statements, portfolio management, institutional selling, business cycles, economic indicators, pension plans and tax deferrals.
I don't know about you, but every time I get Canadian money in change I feel vaguely cheated.
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