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the collective name for the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island

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Recognizing long-term contributions to industry practice, the Post-Tensioning Institute announced the 2014 PTI Legends of Post-Tensioning: Philip Arana, who was instrumental in introducing the design and use of unbonded post-tensioning for high-rise buildings in the Southeast United States and Latin America; Luden Cloutier, who during 50 years in the industry held management positions with Con Force and served as manager of three post-tensioning companies--DSI, Freyssinet and a VSL J.V.--helping build the Prince Edward Island-New Brunswick Confederation Bridge in the Canadian Maritimes; and, H.
"The Americas will have the best view of this eclipse, although over the Canadian Maritimes, moonset will intervene near the end of totality," the MNN report reads.
Friday's storm stretched from South Texas, where anxious residents bagged outdoor plants to protect them from the cold, through the Midwest and Ohio Valley and up into northern New England and the Canadian Maritimes.
Presently, GDF SUEZ Canada and its partners operate 362 MW of wind-powered generation facilities in the Canadian Maritimes and Ontario, and have another 300 MW of wind generation projects under construction in Ontario and British Columbia.
East Coast, portions of the Canadian Maritimes, Bahamas, and much of the central Caribbean.
A: Chill out in the Canadian Maritimes (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island) with sunny days, refreshing nights, stunning scenery, spectacular seafood, and a laissez-faire attitude about all things gay.
We learn about collectors, both Canadian and other, and quite a few of the people who recorded songs in the Canadian Maritimes, it turns out, were not Canadian.
The effects of global warming manifest themselves differently in different locations, and winter is no doubt getting shorter and warmer across New England, the Canadian Maritimes and Northern Europe.
Barnes was an integral part of a three-woman history department at Mount Holyoke College and soon earned a significant amount of respect for her work on New England and the Canadian Maritimes. Although her efforts to publish her last book were not fulfilled, Barnes's previous work, her legacy of serious scholarship and support of other women academics survive her.
Hematologic and physiologic data were collected to establish reference ranges for adults and chicks from 4 geographic areas: New England, Canadian Maritimes, southcentral Quebec, and the Upper Great Lakes.
Wild Orchids Of The Canadian Maritimes And Northern Great Lakes Region
It offers, in its concluding chapters, a story of the Acadian diaspora, which dispersed people to Quebec, Maine, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, elsewhere in the Canadian Maritimes, and Louisiana where a generation later they began to gather themselves and to constitute the Cajun people.
PAUL McCARTNEY and his wife will travel to ice floes off the Canadian Maritimes this week to observe seal pups before the country's annual hunt opens, the Humane Society of the US said.
Today, pockets of Acadian culture are found throughout the Canadian Maritimes. Arsenault believes that the Acadians of Prince Edward Island ('PEI') have experienced a somewhat different isolation.
This final installment of his Halifax-based trilogy, which includes The Bird Artist (1994) and The Museum Guard (1998), confirms Howard Norman the prose laureate of the Canadian Maritimes.
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