Canadian hemlock

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common forest tree of the eastern United States and Canada

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You can choose from more than 50 cultivars of Canadian hemlock that vary in size, shape, and foliage color.
Botanical Name: Common Name: Acer rubrum Red Maple Aronia arborea 'brilliantissima' Red Chokeberry Clethra alnifolia Summer Sweet Diervilla sessilifolia Summer Stars Honeysuckle Fraxinus pennsylvanica Patmore Ash Hammamelis virginiana Witchazel Ilex verticulata Winter Red Holly Itea virginiana Virginia Sweetspire Magnolia virginiana Sweetbay Magnolia Myrica pennsylvanica Northern Bayberry Rhus aromatica Fragrant Sumac Salix purpurea Arctic Willow Thuja occidentalis Emerald Arborvitae Tsuga canadensis Canadian Hemlock Viburnum dentatum Chicago Luster Viburnum Table 3 Approximate costs of irrigation, pump, and winterizing equipment and installation as compared to a treatment and storage pond or a holding tank with regular pumping over the winter.
The industry-targeted policy also included the development of new products, marketing strategies, and an action plan to re-position Canadian hemlock as the favoured material for housing construction in Japan.
George Washington's Mount Vernon, Virginia, estate (Metro: Huntington on yellow line to Fairfax Connector bus) contains trees planted by the first president, including two tulip poplar, two white ash, seven American holly, a Canadian hemlock, and a white mulberry.
Has: highbush blueberries, Canadian hemlock trees, pink marshmallow, lilac bush
From where I sit, I can see at least 14 varieties of trees: along the river's edge there are willow oaks and ironwoods; then up the hill from the bank rise a number of large sycamores, oaks, beeches, and tulip trees; and under their canopies thrive a mix of redbuds, dogwoods, hollies, cedars, pines, and a single - probably endangered - Canadian hemlock.
Canadian hemlock and arborvitae are the only evergreens I've found that can tolerate both juglone and some shade.
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