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common greyish-brown wild goose of North America with a loud, trumpeting call

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The Canadian goose brutally attacked in a Batley park
RSPCA inspector Tim Jones jumped into a rescue boat on the Rhyl Marine Lake and with three colleagues headed for the island where an injured Canadian goose was lying.
Mark Jones, prosecuting, said: ``The defendant opened his coat and the Canadian goose fell to the floor.
The Southern California limit is five a day, of which two can be dark geese and one can be a small Canadian goose.
95 roast Canadian goose or roast prime rib entree available.
Menu: Roast Canadian goose with brandied peach compote or prime rib with fresh horseradish sauce plus oyster dressing, potato pancakes, baby beets, honey carrots, baby onions, cranberry relish and a dessert buffet.
In the last five years, the Bald eagle, Grey whale, Arctic peregrine falcon and Canadian goose have been removed from the U.
The son shot a Canadian goose that was flying overhead at 65 feet and dad hardly had time to say: "Good shot, son" before the bird fell on him and laid him out.
Over the past several years, AEP and the Division of Wildlife have worked together in a multitude of wildlife management practices, including deer, beaver, turkey, and pheasant releases, and the development of a Canadian Goose project.
Tow-headed Thomas Wolff, a first-grader on a field trip from Stratfield School in Fairfield, Connecticut, was the first to spot the Canadian goose family, which was busy improving the view at the Connecticut Audubon Society's six-acre Birdcraft Sanctuary.
A man who kicked and stamped a Canadian goose to death narrowly escaped prison yesterday - and was urged by magistrates to go and work in a zoo as part of his rehabilitation.
US -- Seattle's Great Canadian Goose Hunt was called off on July 13, when government goose eradicators gave up the chase in the face of massive citizen resistance -- including several noisy "Honk-Ins" outside the Seattle Parks Department.
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