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common greyish-brown wild goose of North America with a loud, trumpeting call

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For example: a 12-lb Canadian goose striking a commuter aircraft at take-off generates the same force as a 1,000-lb weight dropped from a height of 10 feet.
Dynamo the Canadian goose at Hemlington Lake taken by |Carolyn Lee from Billingham
e Canadian goose, nicknamed Wilton after the park where he lives, has lost the lower part of his beak and is struggling to feed.
I READ about the Canadian Goose being chased and attacked, with a bottle, by two boys aged 8 and 10 years old, (ECHO, March 5).
I could try a dish like the Apache recipe for Canadian goose, an animal notorious for its toughness.
RSPCA inspectors are continuing their inquiries after a Canadian goose was dragged from a Coventry lake and killed in a "disgusting" attack.
She's an independent-minded Canadian goose who doesn't care about fitting in, and who wants to do something different when it's time for the fall migration.
RSPCA inspector Tim Jones jumped into a rescue boat on the Rhyl Marine Lake and with three colleagues headed for the island where an injured Canadian goose was lying.
Mark Jones, prosecuting, said: ``The defendant opened his coat and the Canadian goose fell to the floor.
The Southern California limit is five a day, of which two can be dark geese and one can be a small Canadian goose.
Cruel yobs carried out a "vicious attack" when they |ripped the beak off this Canadian goose while playing a socalled game to hurt animals ROSSPARRY.
A FAMILY were left scared and bemused when a Canadian Goose wandered into their home in an urban part of Birmingham and settled down to watch TV.
Splash the weeping wet windows with rain Mided birdsong now wingspread and windswept Soft landed somewhere far south from here Canadian goose now let loose The mudsoaked, shooked oak beneath the grey Kaleidoscope of built up dirt Pump loved heart, brandished with song Soft hugging winds let sail Aeroplane, boat applause Goose in cool grass kicking the cobwebs Rooster crowing sun now glowing Pots of money are travelling round Completing circles around the world A postcard from Japan lands on the mat Of a Canadian girl taking tea A handshakes dusty wine In Iceland he tells his son he was Appointed to make a coffin for Napoleon As it was believed he'd be taken there It's a big world waiting beyond wet windows.
95 roast Canadian goose or roast prime rib entree available.
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