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the basic unit of money in Canada


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The lower Canadian dollar decreases Vale's operational costs in Sudbury, Cachon said.
Canadian natural resource industries should benefit most from a lower Canadian dollar. Oil and gas firms, for example, export much more than they import, so a weaker loonie will boost their bottom line.
Complaints poured in from retailers and customers, whose discontent was particularly strong in May when the Canadian dollar rose to US$0.91c.
This was due in part to the changing value of the Canadian dollar, which during the same period fell from 85 cents to 77 cents in U.S.
Kingdom Holding Company said it sold the hotel for 225 million Canadian dollars (152 million euros) to Shahid Khan, the Pakistani-American businessman who founded auto parts maker Flex-N-Gate and owns English Premier League club Fulham.
OTTAWA (CyHAN)- Canada's trade deficit tripled to 1.9 billion Canadian dollars (1.5 billion U.S dollars) in February due to a sharp decrease of exports, according to the official Statistics Canada Tuesday.
Global Banking News-May 15, 2014--Central banks around the world demand Canadian dollars
The price of one stock made 4.74 Canadian dollars or 4.3 US dollars (at the exchange rate of the National Bank of Kyrgyzstan as of 14 February 2014: CDN 1 = USD 0.9), reports Tazabek.
Pacifica Papers shareholders will receive 2.1 Norske Skog Canada shares or one Norske Skog Canada share and 7.50 Canadian dollars (Euro 5.38) cash for each of their shares.
64 percent to 12.11 Canadian dollars (about 9.51 U.S.
remains unchanged since 30 December 2013, making 4.20 Canadian dollars or 3.7903 US dollars (1 Canadian dollar = 0.9 US dollar at the exchange rate of the National Bank of Kyrgyzstan as of 29 January 2014).
Global Banking News-November 21, 2011--China to launch onshore trading of Australian, Canadian dollars against yuan(C)2011 ENPublishing -
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