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the basic unit of money in Canada


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On the currency front, the Canadian dollar on Monday moved lower to 0.
dollar transactions, customers' security positions received via Canadian dollars will be immediately available for redelivery in DTC.
Trading in Canadian dollars on the TSX Venture, a Canadian stock exchange should prevent currency confusion and simplify the purchase and sale of the Company's common shares.
dollar relative to the Canadian dollar during this period.
The Company's cash balances are held primarily in Canadian dollars.
TORONTO -- Note to Editors: All figures are in Canadian dollars.
Although approximately 95% of the Company's revenues are earned in US dollars, the Company's financial results are reported in Canadian dollars.
55 million Canadian dollars for the sale of one of its two commercial properties located in Calgary, Alberta.
In addition the Company issued 104,736 shares to Rockside as consideration for providing the US$3,750,000 first tranche of the loan, the share value being equivalent to 10% of the principal amount of the first tranche, converted into Canadian dollars, and using as the share price the weighted average share price for the 10 trading days on the TSX Venture Exchange prior to funding.
However, the decrease in the value of the US dollar versus the Canadian dollar since the option was established has effectively decreased the exercise price in Canadian dollars.
The Company's cash and cash equivalents are held primarily in Canadian dollars.
The high value of the US dollar against the Canadian dollar doesn't deter Canadians from buying US publications.
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