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the basic unit of money in Canada


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Sobeys' results are stated in Canadian currency and are for the
The low value of the Canadian currency and the drop in oil prices are not expected to hurt Nova Scotia as much as Alberta or Newfoundland, said BMO Financial Group's (NYSE: BMO) new senior vice-president of personal and commercial banking in Atlantic Canada.
Moreover, the weak Canadian currency has impacted the outbound tourism of the country.
Last week, the Bank of Canada shocked markets by lowering its key interest rate to counter a drop in oil prices that has hurt growth and pulled down the Canadian currency to more than five-year lows against the U.S.
ISLAMABAD -- Minister for Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage Senator Pervaiz Rashid on Sunday asked Dr Tahirul Qadri that he should first disfigure the Canadian currency notes by writing slogans and get them encashed.
In a statement on Sunday, he questioned Tahirul Qadri to write slogans on the Canadian currency and get those dollars cashed.
The Canadian currency traded as high as C$1.0684 on the U.S.
While the recent drop in the loonies value is probably not enough to cause significant changes right now, Alper said he believes if the Canadian currency remains low compared to the U.S.
The loonie, as the Canadian currency is known for the image of the aquatic bird on the C$1 coin, depreciated 2.4 per cent to C$1.0892 per US dollar from the end of last week.
The Bank of Canada is responsible for recommending changes in Canadian currency. Its current policy is to feature portraits of former Canadian prime ministers and members of the Royal Family on the front of banknotes and scenes that reflect Canadian culture, history and achievements on the back.
The top-line improvement was driven largely by higher fuel sales and a 0.8% increase in identical-store results, excluding fuel, that was partly offset by a lower Canadian currency exchange rate.
Lower property prices in the US coupled with a stronger Canadian currency has attracted Canadians to the property markets in the US.
The Desjardins Group issues credit cards in Canadian currency, according to a TMG spokesman, but members in the U.S.
dollars have been trading roughly one-to-one since early October, so all dollar amounts in this story are expressed only in Canadian currency.)
PowerSellers must be an active member for 90 days and average a monthly sales minimum of the Canadian currency equivalent of $1,000 US for three consecutive months.
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