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the basic unit of money in Canada


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dollars have been trading roughly one-to-one since early October, so all dollar amounts in this story are expressed only in Canadian currency.
PowerSellers must be an active member for 90 days and average a monthly sales minimum of the Canadian currency equivalent of $1,000 US for three consecutive months.
of dried marijuana and an undetermined amount of Canadian currency.
The Canadian currency dropped in value after the central bank observed that the currency's strength was hampering economic recovery.
said the poor economy coupled with a dip in Canadian currency hit Bellis Fair Mall stores pretty hard.
Alaskans are far more likely to use Canadian currency than, for example, the Chinese Yuan.
It's well understood in a lot of investment banking circles that the rise of the Canadian currency against the dollar has largely reversed the tide that historically carried U.
The site can be accessed in English and French and offers domestic fulfilment and Canadian currency payment.
As I mentioned in my letter earlier this year, a wedding card containing Canadian currency was sent recorded delivery to me last July, and it has still not been traced.
Canadian income tax law only recognizes Canadian currency.
She first appeared on Canadian currency in 1954, but the bills had to be changed in 1956 because a shadow in the Queen's hair looked like a grinning demon.
and Canadian currency, and a large amount of jewelry that Mrs.
the net unrealized gains on Canadian currency denominated monetary assets and
But the Canadian currency may prove to be the least of the Canuck film production industry's troubles.
This is partly because costs (labour, utilities, occupancy costs such as taxes and insurance) are set in Canadian currency and many of the industry's inputs (particularly petroleum products) are generally sourced in Canada.
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