Canadian Shield

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a large plateau that occupies more than 40% of the land area of Canada

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Northwestern Ontario, in the hard rock Canadian shield near the border with Manitoba, is chock full of wild rice lakes, making it prime for a range of species.
The federal panel asked the expert group to compare whether it would be better to inter the waste at the Bruce site, or in ancient granite formations in the Canadian Shield.
Throughout the Canadian Shield and the Precambrian Shield rocks of Fennoscandia and southern Africa, the occurrence of flammable subsurface gases including methane ([CH.sub.4]), ethane ([C.sub.2][H.sub.6]), propane ([C.sub.3][H.sub.8]), butane ([C.sub.4][H.sub.10]) and hydrogen ([H.sub.2]) have long been noted by the mining community but had received no scientific inquiry until recently.
* The RIDEAU HERITAGE ROUTE links Ottawa to Kingston, through scenery ranging from rugged Canadian Shield to tranquil countryside.
Bastedo's concept for this radio program was to report live, and always from an outdoor location, to inform people about the natural history of the Subarctic region of the Canadian Shield. At their best, these radio programs were immediate and entertaining, and amply demonstrated their host's impressive knowledge of the Subarctic ecosystem, his thirst for adventure, and his zany sense of humour.
Thompson, Flin Flon and other northern communities are attracting more visitors looking for vacations in the Canadian Shield. Eleven communities have banded together to create the Grass River Tourism Corridor from Cranberry Portage north to Churchill.
To extend it further along the North Shore would be too costly due to the rugged terrain of the Canadian Shield.
Reservoirs, Great Lakes, tiny streams, big rivers, ponds, inland lakes, and Canadian Shield waters--all have inherent patterns.
"We're sitting on one of the most stable areas of North America, called the Canadian Shield. Most of our granite is 2.5 billion years old and older," Hauck said.
Hunters setting up on the Canadian Shield will feel like they're hunting sea ducks, but without the tides and salt water.
In this context, the Precambrian rocks of the Canadian Shield, known for their numerous metal and diamond deposits, offer favourable prospects for future mineral exploration.
Morton argued in The Canadian identity (1961) that the Canadian shield had made an indelible mark on the Canadian psyche and that "the main task of Canadian life has been to make something of this formidable heritage." (1) Morton also contended that the challenge posed by the economic development of the North shaped Manitoba's provincial character.
The stones themselves are quartzite, a hard material that originally came from the ancient Canadian Shield. Today, geologists know these rocks as glacial erratics, stones transported many thousands of miles to their current resting place by the great continental glaciers that once covered the land.
The development of a method for disposing of Canada's nuclear fuel waste was dealt a severe blow, but not necessarily a fatal one, with the release March 13 of a report by a federal panel, established to review Atomic Energy of Canada Limited's (AECL's) concept of deep underground disposal in the Canadian Shield [1].
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