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a river rising in northeastern New Mexico and flowing eastward across the Texas panhandle to become a tributary of the Arkansas River in Oklahoma

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The uneven and rough terrain of the Canadian River passage might be aiding in the fast spread of the fire, the Texas A&M Forest Service reported.
(1999; Table 1), sampling by the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism (KDPWT) on the Ninnescah River (1994-2003), sampling by the City of Wichita (COW) on the Arkansas River (1991-2007), sampling by Kansas State University (Perkin et al., 2015b; unpublished data by the authors) on the Arkansas and Ninnescah rivers (2011-2015), multiple sampling efforts in the Canadian River and associated tributaries in New Mexico (1991-2012; D.
Transitions between locations visualize the fluidity of water: the camera dives into a Canadian river with wild salmon and resurfaces at a Chinese abalone farm on the sea.
The storm began yesterday west of Newcastle and crossed the Canadian River into Oklahoma City's far south-western side about 3pm local time.
The lake formed with a dam on the Canadian River just upstream from its confluence with the Arkansas River.
An otter at Cotebrook Shire Horse Centre, near Tarporley, Cheshire A Canadian River Otter at the Blue Planet Aquarium, Ellesmere Port
As they left Taloga and crossed the North Canadian River Bridge, the car hit the side of the bridge but Dr.
Summary: A three-year-old boy celebrated his birthday floating 12km (7.8 miles) down a Canadian river riding his toy truck.
This latter undertaking resulted in a smaller but similar swamping of communal life along the Canadian river valley:
"We're finding it in Canadian river systems where it was not present a decade ago, and receiving more reports from the northern U.S." says Dr.
Two photographs: The first is of Laura Nelson hanging by her neck from a trestle of the North Canadian River bridge.
The native people who lived along the shores of the Canadian River, referred to as Antelope Creek Indians, fashioned the flint into spear points, knives, arrowheads, and tools such as hide scrapers and drills.
Among the honorees is a broad-canopied bur oak along the banks of the North Canadian River in Oklahoma City.
Further, it persists in only two river reaches of the South Canadian River drainage, New Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma (Propst 1999; Wilde 2002) and these populations are declining (Larson 1991; Pigg et al.
the tillite might well have been boulder clay by the shore of a Canadian river....
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