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the collective name for the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island

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The Canadian maritime study can be added to their ranks, according to Dr.
After an introduction to the regulation of international shipping, coverage encompasses the law of the sea and ocean governance, the Arctic Ocean, shipping and international maritime law, seafaring and maritime labor law, and Canadian maritime law.
Piping plovers are small, sand-colored shorebirds that breed on coastal beaches from North Carolina to the Canadian Maritime Provinces.
USS Porter (DDG 78) and a Navy P-3 maritime patrol aircraft headed north to join Canadian maritime forces in their annual Arctic military exercise, Operation Natsiq, in August 2010.
Navy's 2nd Fleet (C2F), headquartered in Norfolk, the Canadian Maritime Forces Command, or the Canadian Navy, and other agencies annually participate in Exercise Frontier Sentinel 2010 (FS2010) that focuses on coastal defense procedures in North American waterways.
* a significant increase in Canadian maritime capability (military and non-military) both in terms of vessels and harbour facilities;
Having just completed a 4,100-mile motorcycle ride through the back roads of seven Northeastern states and two Canadian Maritime provinces with longtime hardware friend, Jim Gray, we are pleased to report that independent hardware stores and home centers are alive, well and prosperous in the hundreds of towns through which we traveled.
and Canadian maritime approaches, maritime areas, and inland waterways.
for the supply of RAST probes to be fitted on 28 of the H-92 helicopters destined for the Canadian Maritime Helicopter Program.
The final session took place at Canadian Maritime Forces Base Esquimault.
For example, Canadian maritime surveillance and enforcement are already done by Canada.
An understanding of Canadian maritime law is crucial in order to comprehend fully the new, broadened jurisdiction of the Federal Court of Canada.
On May 5 and August 4, respectively, they will inaugurate their spring, summer, and fall coastal cruise vacation itineraries featuring the Great Lakes, Canadian Maritime Provinces, and Eastern Seaboard of the United States.
The company has 10,000 to 20,000 transgenic salmon in indoor tanks at three facilities in the Canadian Maritime provinces.
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