Canadian Falls

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a part of Niagara Falls in Ontario

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The man's leap over Horseshoe Falls, as the Canadian falls are known, is not thought to have been a suicide attempt.
The crestline of the Canadian falls is approximately 670 metres, or 2,200 feet, long.
Only one other person is known to have survived a plunge over the Canadian falls without a barrel or other contraption: a seven-year-old boy wearing a life preserver who had been thrown into the water in a 1960 boating accident.
She goes with them from Japan to California - while disagreeing with the guru's reading of Christianity and never herself becoming formally a Christian - and on a tour by van all over the United States, distributing the guru's bones, until she and the young women end up at the Canadian falls.
There is the horseshoe-shaped Canadian Falls at 177ft high and 2,200ft wide and the 184ft American Falls on the US side - a source of keen rivalry.
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