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counting the number of white and red blood cells and the number of platelets in 1 cubic millimeter of blood

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"The bus actually hit the train dead on," Mech told the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. "I could see that there were bodies on the train tracks.
The company had always put a lot of effort into safety, he said in an interview with Canadian Broadcasting Corp."Obviously we've blown it all with this tragedy," he said.
"Hogwash!" proclaimed the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. "Baloney" was another word frequently heard.
fighters, Canadian Broadcasting Corp. said on its website, citing VictoriaOs Search and Rescue Coordination Centre.
So has BBC Scotland and a reporter with the Canadian Broadcasting Corp.
"The number one thing we'll talk about tomorrow night at dinner - as we did in Marseilles with the G7 - is that Europe has to pick a lane here, they've got to deal with that issue respecting Greece," he told the Canadian Broadcasting Corp.
That's really rare," local police spokesman Martin Fournel told the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. Collisions between vehicles and animals are common in Canada, which has a healthy population of large wild animals such as moose and deer.
Daniel Bellemare, the chief prosecutor at the STL, said his office was "extremely disappointed" about a report by the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. into the Hariri slaying.
(Sources: Associated Press, 07/14/09; Excelsior, 07/15/09; Notimex, 07/15/09, 07/16/09; Milenio Diario, Canwest News Service, 07/16/09; El Informador, El Universal, 07/15/09, 07/17/09; La Jornada, 07/16/09, 07/17/09; Reforma, 07/14/09, 07/15/09, 07/19/09; Canadian Broadcasting Corp., 07/15/09, 07/19/09)
(and) say 'This is disgraceful, we don't treat young children that way'," Edney told the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. The poor quality video shows Khadr wearing an orange prison jumpsuit, and at times buries his head in his hands, or pulls at his hair.
Rivard, a 1996 Nieman Fellow, recently retired from the Canadian Broadcasting Corp.
In related news, two crypto outbreaks in pools in Alberta, Canada, infected dozens of patrons and forced officials to shut down the facilities for up to 10 days in late August while staff members drained and cleaned the pools, the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. reported.
In 24 years with the Canadian Broadcasting Corp., Gordon, 45, handled scores of overseas assignments.
While we have only begun to explore these systems, already several start-ups and innovative corporations are beginning to sell novel systems and services (ISLP.COM, FASTV.COM, NewsEdge, broadcast.com) and national broadcasters such as CNN, MSNBC, and Canadian Broadcasting Corp. (CBC) are beginning to explore personalized news services.
Before joining Hearst Newspapers in 1975, he also worked for the Montreal Star, Canadian Broadcasting Corp., and NBC.
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