Arctic Archipelago

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all the islands that lie to the north of mainland Canada and the Arctic Circle

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Stratigraphy and correlation of Lower Paleozoic formations subsurface of Cornwallis, Devon, Somerset and Russell islands, Canadian Arctic Archipelago.
At that time, Canada was concerned about the environmental risk of a project planned by United States companies to develop a route of navigation through the North West Passage and within the islands of the Canadian Arctic archipelago to be used by ice-strengthened super-tankers carrying oil extracted in Alaska.
7) It stretches from the Bering Strait in the west, runs along the northern coast of Alaska and Canada, and then weaves through the Canadian Arctic Archipelago until it exits through the Davis Strait and Baffin Bay in the east.
The first official statement indicating that Canada might be claiming the waters of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago as historic internal waters, according to Pharand, was made by Prime Minister Trudeau at the time of the Manhattan crossing in October 1969.
The result contributes to the longest continuous measurement of fresh water exiting the Arctic through the Canadian Arctic Archipelago and Davis Strait and into the Labrador Sea.
The chunks broke off from the Ward Hunt Ice Shelf on the coast of Ellesmere Island in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, forming two floating ice islands, according to scientists.
Washington's position, which is probably shared by the European Union and perhaps other States, is that an international strait--an international highway--cuts through the Canadian Arctic Archipelago.
Their main population centers are the Wrangell Island and western Alaska, northern Alaska, the Canadian Arctic archipelago and Greenland in North America.
A history of sea ice in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago based on postglacial remains of the Bowhead Whale (Balaena mysticetus).
Savelle 1996 "A history of sea ice in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago based on postglacial remains of the bowhead whale (Balaena mysticetus)," Arctic 49:235-255.
Canadian Arctic Archipelago conspecifics flower earlier in the High Arctic than the mid-Arctic.
Certainly any discussion of Canada's Arctic sovereignty relates to the islands and waters lying north of the Canadian mainland, what is often referred to as the Canadian Arctic archipelago.
The project will address both short- and long-term trends across a broad area extending across the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, from the Beaufort Sea in the west to the Labrador Sea in the east.
They explored an area that encompassed mostly the Beaufort Sea, Amundsen and Coronation Gulfs, the western edge of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, and associated coastlines.
The complex topography of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, with its numerous islands and channels, has a profound influence on sea-ice circulation and marine biological productivity regimes (Michel et al.
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