Arctic Archipelago

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all the islands that lie to the north of mainland Canada and the Arctic Circle

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The project will see the construction of an approximately 1,700km submarine cable from Nuuk, Greeenland to Iqaluit, another territory in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, going through the Davis Strait.
Stratigraphy and correlation of Lower Paleozoic formations subsurface of Cornwallis, Devon, Somerset and Russell islands, Canadian Arctic Archipelago. Geological Survey of Canada Bulletin, 276, 1-39.
(7) It stretches from the Bering Strait in the west, runs along the northern coast of Alaska and Canada, and then weaves through the Canadian Arctic Archipelago until it exits through the Davis Strait and Baffin Bay in the east.
(300) It is also well known, though not publicly admitted, that they cooperated in the deployment of underwater surveillance devices at various choke points in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. (301) In the early 1980s, the Department of National Defence received a federal land use permit to install a listening device off Skull Point, near the weather station at Eureka.
Not all of the Canadian Arctic archipelago is within Nunavut (although Canada's entitlement to the archipelago is now unchallenged, and that has been the case for some length of time, likely since circa 1930).
OCCUPATION OF THE LANDMASS: It is generally acknowledged that the Canadian Arctic archipelago is a definite advantage for asserting Canadian sovereignty.
The result contributes to the longest continuous measurement of fresh water exiting the Arctic through the Canadian Arctic Archipelago and Davis Strait and into the Labrador Sea.
The chunks broke off from the Ward Hunt Ice Shelf on the coast of Ellesmere Island in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, forming two floating ice islands, according to scientists.
Canada and the United States, for decades, have had the luxury of agreeing to disagree, to create specific ad-hoc arrangements to deal with specific and limited issues because until fairly recently, the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, frozen and inaccessible, was of little interest to anyone else.
Their main population centers are the Wrangell Island and western Alaska, northern Alaska, the Canadian Arctic archipelago and Greenland in North America.
A history of sea ice in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago based on postglacial remains of the Bowhead Whale (Balaena mysticetus).
On the surface circulation in some channels of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. Arctic 33(1):189-197.
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