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Synonyms for Canadian

a native or inhabitant of Canada

a river rising in northeastern New Mexico and flowing eastward across the Texas panhandle to become a tributary of the Arkansas River in Oklahoma

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LLCs to do business in Canada or own Canadian assets can result in extremely detrimental tax consequences.
This is reflected in section 69(2) of the Canadian Income Tax Act,(2) which requires - with respect to inbound transactions (i.
Canadian provisions: The Treaty provides that for Canadian income tax, a U.
the average income of African Canadian women was $20,029, while the average income of all Canadians was $29,769.
The trend for the Canadian dollar has been up, up and away.
Mineral exploration conferences in Toronto, Vancouver, and across Canada, as well as the international role played by our financial markets, are shining beacons of Canadian leadership in this field.
Whether they are stoned punkers, drag queens, immigrant teenagers or lesbian boarding-schoolgirls, characters in Canadian movies share a loopy viewpoint on the world.
Where these conditions are all met, the Canadian taxpayer must include a specified return in computing income equal to a prescribed interest rate multiplied by the "designated cost" of the participating interest.
So with a decades-old recognition of the differences between the Canadian and U.
Over the objections of his fellow countrymen, many of whom--I am not making this up--petitioned the Canadian Cultural Property Export Review Board to make him stay, Douglas moved to Los Angeles in 2001.
Canadian school-children are required to study both languages.
What Pearlstein did not say is that Canada is spending far less of its national income on health care than the United States is, that polls indicate Canadian voters want to spend more money on health care, and that in all countries with national health-insurance programs, doctors and other health-care professionals justify their demands for medical care with claims of critical shortages--a tactic known as "orchestrated outrage.
The Canadian marketplace provides many opportunities for U.
Miller, who also imports a small amount of manufactured goods from Mexico, Asia, and Europe, believes the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) will benefit both Canadian and U.
With the recent introduction of our Clearly Canadian Natural Enhanced Waters, including dailyEnergy, dailyVitamin and dailyHydration, a certified organic essence water, this acquisition accelerates our efforts to further establish Clearly Canadian as a provider of healthy, good-for-you, products," said Brent Lokash, President of Clearly Canadian.
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