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a native or inhabitant of Canada

a river rising in northeastern New Mexico and flowing eastward across the Texas panhandle to become a tributary of the Arkansas River in Oklahoma

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Similarly, in Canada, a spousal rollover allows a deferral of the income tax assessed at death if the property passes to a surviving spouse and both the decedent and the surviving spouse are Canadian residents.
The report, Income of Black Women in Canada, examines the level and distribution of income among African Canadian women.
dollar and the soaring Canadian dollar have clearly hurt export-dependent Canada.
To set up its cheery tone, Weird Sex and Snowshoes opens on bemused and bewildered filmmakers trying to define Canadian movies.
The search for energy resources has been at the forefront of Canadian geology since the inception of our field, when coal was the primary target, and this focus continues today in the search for oil and gas, as well as topics such as uranium, gas hydrates, and geothermal resources.
If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, be glad that Canadian comedian Rick Mercer has not found you.
Chretien's Liberals fear the vengeance the Canadian electorate might exact on them if the recession is prolonged.
Milton, Ontario, says the move towards using Canadian agencies began in the 1970s.
Canadians constitute 10 percent of TEI's membership, with our Canadian members belonging to chapters in Calgary, Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver, which together make up one of our eight geographic regions.
The journalistic portrait of Canadian ERs was similarly and deservedly dire.
When a bunch of Canadians get in a room to talk about making Canadian film, the entertainment factor goes out the window.
In general, anyone employed in Canada, carrying on business in Canada, earning pension or investment income in Canada or disposing of Canadian assets is subject to tax on such revenue.
The Canadian marketplace provides many opportunities for U.
Miller, who also imports a small amount of manufactured goods from Mexico, Asia, and Europe, believes the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) will benefit both Canadian and U.
With the recent introduction of our Clearly Canadian Natural Enhanced Waters, including dailyEnergy, dailyVitamin and dailyHydration, a certified organic essence water, this acquisition accelerates our efforts to further establish Clearly Canadian as a provider of healthy, good-for-you, products," said Brent Lokash, President of Clearly Canadian.
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