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a native or inhabitant of Canada

a river rising in northeastern New Mexico and flowing eastward across the Texas panhandle to become a tributary of the Arkansas River in Oklahoma

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In the third part of the collection, Verduyn and Koustas have chosen a selection of papers that speculate on the future of Canadian Studies both at home and internationally.
For example, interest on borrowings to support investments in common shares of most companies would likely be disallowed, much to the surprise of most Canadian shareholders.
"The stabilization of the Canadian dollar will translate into price increases for exporters, and growing demand for paper products will boost production," according to a Board spokesperson.
On top of its recent strong economic performance, investing in the Canadian market is advantageous to Americans for several other reasons.
Hollinger International's (Chicago, IL) sale of its remaining Canadian publishing assets (Hollinger Canadian Publishing Holdings) to Glacier Ventures International Corp.
A global implementation of a temporary and/or incidental practice agreement would require changing the engineer/geoscientist acts for most Canadian jurisdictions.
Misrecognized materialists : social movements in Canadian constitutional politics.
Yet just last year, then Canadian Justice Minister Irwin Cotler famously said, "We don't see any connection, I repeat, any connection between the issue of polygamy and the issue of same-sex marriage." Calling such slippery-slope fears "alarmist," Cotler authorized the four just-released polygamy studies, in part to put an end to the claim that polygamy would follow same-sex marriage.
Canadian Anglican women were represented by Canon Mice Medcof, co-ordinator of the International Anglican Women's Network; Kathleen Snow, president of the Mother's Union in Canada; and Heather Carr, president of Anglican Church Women.
To address the double-tax burden, the Treaty provides a foreign tax credit for the Canadian income tax on some or all of the U.S.
Canadian businesses view privacy practices as an opportunity to improve relations with customers while U.S.
According to annual surveys of Canadian physicians, the median wait for treatment after a referral from a general practitioner jumped by 90 percent between 1993 and 2003--from 9.3 weeks to 17.7 weeks.
Sales rep: Canadian Broadcast Sales (Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Montreal); Golden West Media (Winnipeg)
From a historical perspective, Canadian society and Canadian Christianity were inherently bicultural in nature--French and British; Catholic and Protestant.
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