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Here is an example from the west coast of Canada. In 2005, the host and the director of a popular weekday CBC radio show produced a book titled, The BC Almanac Book of the Greatest British Columbians.
Romney Moseley for the national program committee of the Anglican Church of Canada. The Moseley Report, as it was known then, was presented in 1992 to members of General Synod; it was based on a two-year study project and a series of studies initiated by the diocese of Toronto "to make sense of the rapidly changing urban scene" in Canada.
In Quebec, the development of new educational facilities and cultural buildings also underlines the distinctive identity of French Canada. For example, Gerard Godain College, designed by Saucier + Perrotte and completed in 2000, rehabilitated a former monastery and added new buildings to create a French-speaking institution, while the new Bibliotheque Nationale du Quebec in the city--designed by Patkau Architects--will house a large Quebec collection when it opens in 2005.
Failing to recognize these epidemics has bruited the ability of public health officials to assess and intervene appropriately to control the illness and death associated with imported malaria in Canada.
Ethnic ministries have been woven into the tapestry of Canadian Baptist home mission work in Canada; over time, this feature became an essential part of Baptist identity in Canada. In an article written for the Women's Baptist Home Mission Board of Ontario West, J.
The film was one of the first talkies ever made, the first location shoot undertaken by Paramount Studios, and as far as it can be determined, the first sound film produced off the shores of Canada. After many years of painstaking research and restoration by the National Archives of Canada, with financial assistance from the AV Preservation Trust and Telefilm Canada, there will soon be a brand new DVD version of The Viking in wide release.
The continual boom-and-bust cycle of the West is at play in Canada. Ten, maybe 20 years of feast, then complete collapse and all of the new homes and expensive toys go back to the banks while the oil, coal and timber companies are long gone, searching for the next valley to plunder.
Martin Godbout, president and CEO of Genome Canada. "Dr.
The problematic attitudes toward and the construction of the history of contact between Europeans and native peoples embodied in this moment -- a moment which promised the magical recovery of a fabulous past -- ate among the topics of Germaine Warkentin and Carolyn Podruchny's powerful new collection of essays on the colonial project in early modern Canada.
The issues faced by Spohr afford much insight into the growing pains of ballet in Winnipeg and throughout Canada. Despite a lifelong financial supporter (Kathleen Richardson), meddle-some boards constantly plagued the impractical Spohr, and the favoritism evinced by the Canada Council toward The National Ballet of Canada makes the reader question the artistic price tag of federal support.
You probably do want to print in Canada. NAFTA notwithstanding, there seems to be continuing disagreement about whether your printed materials can cross the border duty-free.
Barnicke Limited is the foremost commercial real estate services firm in Canada.
The brain drain has become so pervasive that the newsmagazine Maclean's recently ran a cover story featuring "fifty people who chose Canada."
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