Canada goose

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common greyish-brown wild goose of North America with a loud, trumpeting call

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Customers have shunned fur, hitting Canada Goose's figures
Plucking a Canada goose is a chore, so I pluck only young ones that are not too shot up.
CANADA GOOSE The outerwear brand, which has gained a cult following among some celebrities in recent years, unveiled its four-minute film "Out There," directed by award-winning filmmaker Paul Haggis, in early November.
Soper (1946:16) reported that the large-bodied form of Canada Goose "breeds very sparingly along the southern coast of Foxe Peninsula" and that it was absent as a breeder from western Baffin Island, but he did not observe or collect any gosling specimens from large-bodied geese during his explorations of southwestern Baffin Island from 1928 to 1931.
Since 2005, the Canada goose population in the Coastal Plain has exceeded the population in the Piedmont.
New York's "resident" Canada goose population is estimated at more than 200,000 birds statewide, despite the annual harvest of more than 50,000 geese during hunting season.
Attitudes towards Canada geese vary: they have been described as 'the most loathsome bird in Britain', but there is a Canada Goose Conservation Society.
Canada goose, regular season: Northwest General Zone, Nov.
Authorities tell us that the resident Canada goose population has increased five times since 1975.
had spent months training him with dummies and live pigeons--but nothing truly prepares a young retriever for his first face-to-face encounter with a Canada goose. Dead or alive, it's an imposing bird, and we hoped Ben would rise to the challenge.
In recent years, South Dakota's resident Canada goose population has increased dramatically.
Complicating matters is a relatively recent change in the wild Canada goose migration pattern, and now 70 percent of them winter from the southern New England coast to Long Island.
The money is being offered by an animal rights group following the horrific incident in Hartlepool, The stricken animal, a Canada goose, was blasted through the neck with a crossbow bolt in the town's Rossmere Park.
A Canada Goose egg generally hatches in around 28 days.
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