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common greyish-brown wild goose of North America with a loud, trumpeting call

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Canada geese like an unobstructed view of their surrounding to watch for predators, so city officials hope the vegetation will make the pond less inviting to the birds.
After our first field season, efforts were focused on those study sites with the highest nesting densities of Giant Canada Geese, thus, Pyramid State Park was dropped from our study.
Canada Geese are becoming more prevalent in the UK and pose one of the biggest challenges for Heathrow, which is why the airport has a separate programme in place for dealing with them.
Until recently, everybody loved Canada geese, with their distinctive, majestic markings in black, white, and gray.
The Canada geese to be found in Wales are apparently largely feral, having bred from ancestors that escaped from captivity.
In 1999 the authors surveyed the area within a 20-mile radius of Toledo, Ohio, for potential Canada geese breeding sites that were close to a body of water and where people could easily come into contact with the geese (e.g., parks, golf courses, apartment or condominium complexes, cemeteries, campuses of teaching and health care facilities) and identified 24 such sites.
According to experts, Canada geese are attracted to landscapes that offer easy access to water and abundant forage, such as grass and pond algae.
CANADA Geese are proudly parading their newly-hatched broods of goslings around on lakes and rivers.
* CANADA GEESE. Remember when it was cool--a rarity--to see a Canada goose?
Tainted water probably explains the resistant bacteria in wild Canada geese living year-round in Chicago's suburbs, says Monica L.
"It's happening all across the U.S.," says Tom Landwehr, a scientist who works with Canada geese in Minnesota.
Then she discovers two Canada geese, Ka and Kee who have made their home at a nearby pond.
Each spring Tuttle Marsh is now ready and waiting for the arrival of mallards, Canada geese, and bluewing teal-thanks to cooperation among the Forest Service, Ducks Unlimited, and the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.
At least 20 Canada geese have died in the pool at Smethwick Hall Park over the last few days, with residents saying other birds look seriously ill and are suffering.
Pintails are also abundant here, with enough Canada geese that limits are the norm.
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