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Actually, Bailey's report is only one of four separate polygamy studies sponsored by Canada's Justice Department, two of which advocate decriminalization.
Canada's 31 million people are even more diverse (varied) than its landscape.
Canada's Energy Board believes that an area of Alberta province contains at least 300 million barrels of recoverable oil, an amount that exceeds the proven reserves of Saudi Arabia.
More specifically, what is the tax effect to the employee and the employer of being offside of Revenue Canada's administrative positions?
The association brief criticized the continuing large sales of gold from Canada's official reserve by the Canadian government as "inconsistent with efforts of the Royal Canadian Mint and the industry to increase the demand for new production of gold.
The capital funds influx will stem from Canada's closer ties to the U.
The Air Canada Pilots Association (ACPA), which represents Air Canada's 3,100 pilots, said on Wednesday they had asked a court to block the
Steven Pearlstein of The Washington Post quoted unnamed "experts" to the effect that Canada's system is doomed.
In April 1998, the Minister's Advisory Committee on Electronic Commerce released its report on Electronic Commerce and Canada's Tax Administration.
The fact that we will have in Winnipeg an East-West center which goes from coast-to-coast-to-coast will become a key building block for Canada's economy in the next century and will be a significant generator of jobs for Canadians.
There are signs that Canada's slow-to-develop retail e-commerce market is finally gaining momentum.
The presumption that taxpayers will manipulate transfer prices to lower their overall group taxes has characterized Revenue Canada's approach to U.
10 /PRNewswire/ -- Air Canada's current winter schedule reflects the expansion of the airline's world operations that includes additional capacity on its U.
TORONTO -- E*TRADE Canada, a subsidiary of E*TRADE FINANCIAL Corporation (NYSE: ET), today announced two major enhancements to its offering - one of the highest cash interest rates available and Canada's first two-factor customer authentication digital security solution - broadening its appeal as a value leader for the everyday investor.
To allay taxpayer concerns relating to the treatment of related-party transactions in prior open taxation years, we recommend that Revenue Canada's policy on the retroactive application of the APA methodology be set forth as part of the Introduction, as well as in several of the detailed provisions (discussed below).
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