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In addition, we recommend that the Standing Committee encourage the provincial governments to review their corporate income, sales, and capital tax systems and make corresponding rate reductions and tax base changes to ensure the competitiveness of Canada's tax environment.
Canada's socially liberal legal elites are just using the gay marriage movement, fundamentalist Mormons, and Muslim immigrants to get what they're truly after: the slow-motion abolition of marriage.
Head further west and you'll find Canada's "breadbasket" -- the provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta.
Apparently, even a device used to protect oneself from deadly chemicals and literature from one of Canada's most notorious militant outfits weren't enough to rouse her suspicion.
It identified more specific concern about proposals in the federal Green Plan to reserve up to 12 per cent of Canada's land mass for natural parks and wilderness areas.
Air Canada's pilots have asked a court to block the airline's parent from paying out CAD$2 billion (USD$1.
Canada's recent immigrants: a comparative portrait based on the 2001 census.
Ted Byfield, one of Canada's best known journalists, contributes columns to the Calgary Sun and Western Standard.
What the disparity does reflect is a tendency among American reporters to state or imply that Canada's increasingly intense debate about its universal health insurance program is evidence that its program is in "crisis" and that universal, government-financed health insurance programs are bound to fail.
We believe that this may be a result of Revenue Canada's practice of hiring and assigning auditors to search exclusively for tax avoidance transactions.
running at 90 percent of their capacity, Miller cheered on January 1 of this year, when shopping at Canada's bountiful paper factories became as permissible as visiting Toronto or Montreal.
There are signs that Canada's slow-to-develop retail e-commerce market is finally gaining momentum.
On September 17, 1998, Tax Executives Institute submitted the following comments regarding Canada's tax administration of electronic commerce.
TORONTO -- E*TRADE Canada, a subsidiary of E*TRADE FINANCIAL Corporation (NYSE: ET), today announced two major enhancements to its offering - one of the highest cash interest rates available and Canada's first two-factor customer authentication digital security solution - broadening its appeal as a value leader for the everyday investor.
The presumption that taxpayers will manipulate transfer prices to lower their overall group taxes has characterized Revenue Canada's approach to U.
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