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"The attempt to promote a vision of humanity apart from God's transcendent order and indifferent to Christ's beckoning light, removes from the reach of ordinary men and women the experience of genuine hope." As "one symptom of this mentality," Pope Benedict cited the plummeting birthrate, "clearly evident in your own region" (Editor: In 2005 Canada's birthrate was 10.5 births for every 1000 people.
In addition, we recommend that the Standing Committee encourage the provincial governments to review their corporate income, sales, and capital tax systems and make corresponding rate reductions and tax base changes to ensure the competitiveness of Canada's tax environment.
In Ontario, Manitoba's eastern neighbor and Canada's largest province, the major recycling news this year is the grand opening in mid-March of the largest integrated recycling plant in Canada in the Peel region, which covers the western part of the Greater Toronto area.
ITEM: The president of Canada's National Union of Public and General Employees, James Clancy, told a union audience in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, that the U.S.
Historically, extremes of climate, culture, and landscape across Canada's vast territories have combined to create distinct regional differences in its architecture.
Canada's forests cover an area nearly three times the size of Europe.
The Canadian Institutes of Health Research is the Government of Canada's premier agency for health research.
In this last section, Lynn Berry offers a particularly provocative assessment of the tone and content of Pierre Boucher's 1664 natural history of Canada as bearing witness t o the personal "hybridization" of this twenty-seven-year resident of Canada, and the discursive "hybridization" of his representation of Canada's flora and fauna (224, 227).
Lawrence Adams, a distinctive dancer in his time (and brother of David Adams, Canada's first star danseur) died in February 2003, leaving behind an impressive catalog and a grieving dance community.
How does Canada's forest products industry rate the importance of Europe as a trading partner and export destination?
Banks in Canada's larger cities will open an account for you and accept Canadian checks, but the bureaucracy involved may seem daunting for a U.S.
Barnicke Limited is Canada's premier real estate service company with expertise in office, retail, industrial/warehouse, hospitality and investment sectors.
America, as fractious as it can sometimes be, can turn that vice into a virtue by pointing back to the Declaration of Independence's praise for "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." The ink on Canada's equivalent document, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, has barely dried.
Jean-Pierre Pichette, Canada's senior representative to the agreement, who is currently serving at the U.S.
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