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an ancient country in southwestern Asia on the east coast of the Mediterranean Sea

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Elizabeth Colwell, owner of The Wire Whisk, said despite her emotional attachment to the store, from a business perspective, the rents in New Canaan are too high as a percentage of sales to continue providing the high level of services and quality products at competitive prices that customers have come to expect from The Wire Whisk.
Irish Immigrants in the Land of Canaan is a stunning scholarly accomplishment and a major contribution to historical scholarship in a variety of fields.
25: PHILIP JOHNSON, 98, a highly regarded, openly gay architect who set design trends for much of the 20th century, dies at his famous Glass House in New Canaan, Conn.
In just under two hours, Canaan Brumley's debut feature "Ears, Open.
If one were to reassemble all the gifts to MOMA alongside all the remarkable works that will now go on public display at his house in New Canaan, Connecticut, Johnson's collection would rival any in the world and attest to his knack for presciently identifying key figures, works, and tendencies.
(The reference to the Chaldaeans is seen as evidence of a later editor modifying the Yahwistic original for readers in the neo-Babylonian period.) We are told that it was originally Terah's intent to take part of his family and move to Canaan. However, upon arrival in Haran (an area that the Yahwist seems to indicate is the family home), Terah and his clan settle down.
Sharing the Land of Canaan is a critical examination of the core issues of the Middle East conflict that dares to put forward a radical but logical solution: That a shared state is the best way to achieve justice and peace for Israelis and Palestinians.
Site Name Code County Latitude (WV) (North) Canaan Valley ABER Tucker 39[degrees] 00.930' State Park, Abe Run Trail Canaan Valley BEAL Tucker 39[degrees] 04.273' NWR, Beall Tract Big Run Bog BIGR Tucker 39[degrees] 07.017' Condon Run COND Randolph 38[degrees] 56.540' Canaan Valley HERZ Tucker 39[degrees] 02.268' NWR, Herz Tract Canaan Loop, MAIN Tucker 39[degrees] 04.371' Main Rd.
Skillful organization of symmetrical room modules strategically defines the "households and neighborhoods" which create The Village at Waveny Care Center in New Canaan, Conn.
After reading about all the churches across the United States, I find that The Canaan Missionary Baptist Church in Louisville, Ky., under the leadership of Dr.
Dr Joyce Canaan, senior lecturer at the University of Central England, was speaking after Education Secretary Estelle Morris announced a further 79 specialist schools, including five in Birmingham.
Meghan Herlihy, 18, of New Canaan, Connecticut, cut corners on the clothes.