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a device for cutting cans open


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Steven Davis twice went close with shots, the first forcing a low save from Ben Foster and the second whistling just wide, while Gabriel Agbonlahor's pace and trickery looked the most likely can-opener.
The UK's official royal poet says: "I see myself as a town crier, can-opener and flag-waver for poetry.
What that meant was that it was up to Wales to break Slovenia down and that was always going to prove difficult without the can-opener boots of Ryan Giggs, Craig Bellamy and Simon Davies.
magazine that there is a can of beans containing certain wealth, the brothers take the beans that they have in their possession to a professional can-opener, sensing that theirs is the winning can.
Something from the Oven doesn't have a lot to say about this purported victory, perhaps in part because much of the book is given over to Shapiro's discussion of high profile women cookbook writers, real and imaginary: Betty Crocker (Betty Crocker's Picture Cook Book [1950]), Poppy Cannon (The Can-Opener Cookbook [1952]), Peg Bracken (The I Hate to Cook Book [1960]), and Julia Child (Mastering the Art of French Cooking [1961]).
There's every reason to suggest Town can establish themselves back in Division II should they go up, but the man with a can-opener of a left foot refuses to get ahead of events.
It may appear to have performed the same trick as the Jaguar, with someone taking a can-opener to the coupe's roof.
A can of fruit was also included, as well as a "goody" package which contained matches, chewing gum, coffee, sugar, powdered milk, a disposable can-opener and - a real treasure to those so addicted - a package of 20 cigarettes.
Skilful Scouser Roberts set up the first, scored the second, and ripped Wycombe to pieces with his wing play and a can-opener of a left foot that is one of the main reasons Huddersfield have scored 20 goals in their last four games.
Wrong again, as the Passat CC has a fixed roof that could only be removed by agiant can-opener - and I don't think VW bosses would be best impressed if I tried it.
He needed a John West special - a can-opener - to get him out of trouble"
A debut worthy of a Golden Ball, '' Roncero said, adding: ``Owen became the can-opener necessary to open up a ship that continued without showing any sparks.
Talking of strikers, Blues must stand more chance of signing Giuseppe di Can-opener, a salami salesman from Naples, and Dutch supersleuth Van der Valk than persuading di Canio and van Hooijdonk to come to St Andrew's.