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a device for cutting cans open


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His can-opener goals opened the way for North End to seal a probable play-off place - but it put Lennie Lawrence's Cardiff back in the relegation mire.
The baggage compartment, which was at the front of the cockpit, had been torn open as though a giant can-opener had gone through it," says Ed.
But now it seems many of us are too busy to work a can-opener.
WITH an auto stop, start action and a lid-retaining magnet for totally hands-free operation, this is a can-opener with clout.
Additionally, HSC and EMBARQ recommend the following: -- A "Ready-to-Go kit" and a "Ready-to-Stay kit" containing water, canned food, can-opener, flashlight, battery-powered radio, extra batteries, change of clothes and first-aid supplies.
And Jansson's can-opener of a left foot picked out impressive Ian Bogie who set up top scorer Lee Mills for a diving header at the far post.
The economist says,"Let's assume that we have a can-opener .
Could be wrong, but I'd wager a can-opener may have been involved, and they didn't offer parmesan or even black pepper.
The best gadget Bond can expect in the next film is an electric can-opener.
The Internet is a can-opener like no other - and the worms have already spewed free of their can.
ZENA SAYS: The office favourite has to be the Kenwood CO606 electric can-opener, pounds 14.
Now that even Delia includes tinned mince in her recipes, presumably using the provided ring pull rather than a can-opener to unseal the container, it was only a matter of time before even cooking from fresh was given the fast food treatment.
He has described himself as "a town crier, can-opener and flag waver for poetry" and puts himself about as much as possible in an attempt to make poetry relevant to everyone.
Steven Davis twice went close with shots, the first forcing a low save from Ben Foster and the second whistling just wide, while Gabriel Agbonlahor's pace and trickery looked the most likely can-opener.