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ThyssenKrupp, a Germany based automotive components maker has begun construction of a new production facility for assembled camshafts at its Chemnitz plant.
The major challenge faced in induction hardening diesel camshafts is the close spacing of the inlet, outlet and injector lobes on these cams.
The CVVT unit is positioned on the exhaust camshaft and controls the intake valve timing by advancing and retarding the intake cam in relation to the exhaust cam.
Engine designers searching for lower emissions have wanted to eliminate the camshaft with its lift and duration restrictions, for years.
A 32 mm wide cogged belt drives the camshafts and the water pump.
However, with the older Schaudt grinders, it was assumed that the wear caused by producing several million camshafts had increased the machines' critical tolerances.
The evaluation engines were fully disassembled and all major components - from the crankshaft to camshafts, from the EGR subsystem to the power cylinder - were analyzed.
Now the company has launched a DLC coating called "Dylyn Plus" to reduce friction and increase the wear resistance for the camshafts of high-volume production engines.
Landis joined Ford engineers and other OEMs in simultaneous engineering of a finish grinding process for camshafts and crankshafts for its Duratec V-6 high performance engine.
The wide adoption of 42-V batteries is also likely to phase out push rods and camshafts.
Further, not only does this system eliminate the camshafts, drive chains/belts, cam phasers, and drive gears/pulleys, it also eliminates their rotational mass, parasitic losses, and cost.
In one case, Weyburn-Bartel, Grand Haven, MI, purchased five of the turn, broach-turn machines to produce camshafts from bar stock for a major US automaker.
Powertrain products include piston rings, camshafts, and cylinder blocks and heads, while chassis products include most major components for the brake system.
For the engine, there are camshafts, crankshafts, valves, connecting rods, and balance shafts.
When Chrysler Corp to switched to new camshafts for reduced internal friction and greater fuel economy in 3.