Campsis radicans

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a North American woody vine having pinnate leaves and large red trumpet-shaped flowers

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MRE [Sacred-Bamboo] Bignoniaceae Campsis radicans (L.) Seem, ex Bureau MRE [Common Trumpet-creeper] Brassicaceae Descurainia sophia (L.) Webb ex Prantl MRE [Flixweed Tansy-Mustard] Lesquerella gracilis (Hook.) S.
Turlerine gore sarilicilar Number of buildings in front of the enclosed species Campsis radicans 1 Wisteria sinensis 4 Hedera helix 'Eleganttissima' 1 Hedera helix 12 Rubus 2 Vitis vinifera 1 Note: Table made from bar graph.
L.), horsenettle (Solanum carolinense L.), persimmon (Diospyros virginiana L.), and trumpetcreeper (Campsis radicans L.
S Myrtle Myrtus communis S Ocotillo Fouquieria splendens S Oleander Nerium oleander S Photinia Photinia glabra S Privet California Ligustrum ovalifolium S Glossy Ligustrum lucidum S Japanese Ligustrum japonicum S Texas Ligustrum japonicum S texanum Rose, Floribunda Rosa x floribunda S Silverberry Elaeagnus commutatus S Sugar bush Rhus ovata S Bougainvillea Bougainvillea glabra V Ivy Algerian Hedera canariensis G Boston Parthenocissus V tricuspidata Jasmine, Star Jasminum multiflorum V Lavender Cotton Santolina G chamaecyparissus Periwinkle Vinca minor G Trumpet creeper Campsis radicans V Virginia creeper Parthenocissus V quinquefolia Wisteria Wisteria sinensis V Plant Mature Height Common Name Botanical Name 2'-5' 6'-9' Ash Arizona Fraxinus velutina Modesto Fraxinus velutina var.
Multiply sired fruits of Raphanus sativus are preferentially filled (Marshall 1988), as are fruits sired by particular pollen donors in this species (Marshall 1991) and Campsis radicans (Bertin 1985).
Paternity and fruit production in trumpet creeper (Campsis radicans).
Members of the Bignoniaceae family, Campsis radicans and Tecomaria capensis, come into their own during the summer months and the latter will flower through to the autumn.
The most abundant species in autumn was white prairie aster (Aster ericoides; relative abundance, 20.0%), followed by common trumpet creeper (Campsis radicans; relative abundance, 13.1%).
Polygonum spp., unknown forbs, Leersia oryzoides, Carex spp., unknown grasses, Urtica dioica, Xanthium spp., Bidens cernua, Ipomoea pandurata, Campsis radicans, and Vitis spp.
Campsis radicans occurs along stream banks, disturbed ground, along fences, and is cultivated and may escape becoming a problematic weed in the eastern half of Texas (Diggs et al.
5 Prune shrubs such as spireas, tamarisk, Campsis radicans and callicarpa.
The male component of fitness has been assessed in Campsis radicans (Bertin, 1982), Calathea ovandensis (Horvitz and Schemske, 1988), Cassia fasiculata (Lee and Bazzaz, 1982), Agave mckelveyana (Sutherland and Delph, 1984), and Lithopsermum caroliniense (Weller, 1980).
Paternal effects on offspring quality in Campsis radicans. American Naturalist 140: 166-178.