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the act of encamping and living in tents in a camp

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(CYA) organized the campout in partnership with the Junior Chamber International (JCI)-Mandaue and vari-ous youth organizations in Cebu.
The important message underpinning Marnie Hanel and Jen Stevenson's otherwise playful The Campout Cookbook is tucked at the end: "On a small scale, we think the best thing you can do for the environment is to bring your friends outside." The authors' enthusiasm for feasting around a well-made campfire shines in their detailed instructions for assembling the right cooking gear, recipes, and unplugged entertainments.
The farmers agreed to end their campout protest on the promise of Agrarian Reform Acting Secretary John R.
Best of all, the energy source for the stove is nothing more than sticks and twigs--far easier to find in an emergency or on a campout than many other sources of fuel.
A Devon Narcotics Anonymous Campout Committee spokesman said: "We are devastated."
Devon Narcotics Anonymous Summer Holiday Campout Committee said the group had "enjoyed a wonderful week of sharing lives of complete freedom from drug and alcohol use".
"When Joy-Anna Duggar married Austin Forsyth in May, they threw their bachelor/bachelorette party (a co-ed campout) just three weeks before the wedding," wrote the site.
The DAR hopes its next attempt for the installation will now be bolstered by a pronouncement made by President Duterte to the Marbai farmers last May 9, when he visited their campout in Mendiola, Manila: 'The government promises to grant you the lands you deserve.
This weekend, turn off email notifications and focus on family fun during a backyard campout. PAGE 54
In fact, a tradition was born: To this day, friends and family who visit the Martinelli vineyards can look forward to a campout, creek sitting--and Chardonnay with eggs.
Celebrate Shavuot during a campout at Smuggler's Notch Campground, enjoying storytelling, games, teaching and more.
The women are here for a campout hosted by Women Grow, a business launched by female entrepreneurs in Denver in 2014 with the goal of helping women find their footing in the fast-growing weed industry.
When we have a campout or friends over for breakfast, I pull out my biggest skillet, about 20 inches or so.
The Flint Hills Pride Festival will be in the form of a campout, Friday, June 5-Sunday, June 7.
Comedy Show Rise Above Foundation will hold "Comedy Campout'' to raise funds to send local children in foster care to summer camp, 7 p.m.