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a resin obtained from the camphor tree

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The coagulation baths were (a) water (A membrane); (b) water, followed by 0.1 M solution of camphorsulfonic acid for 30 s (B membrane); and (c) 0.1 M solution of camphorsulfonic acid (C membrane).
Also, a slight decrease in the mass per unit area of the membranes coagulated in a solution containing camphorsulfonic acid is observed.
The absorption spectra of B and C membranes are radically different from each other, although they should show many similarities, as a last step of forming for both of them was contact with an aqueous solution of camphorsulfonic acid. In the case of C membrane, the PAN-derived absorption band disappears, which may indicate the arrangement of protonated polyaniline on the surface of the membrane.
This effect is the result of washing out of polyaniline, which in the presence of camphorsulfonic acid transforms into a water-soluble salt.
This drawback can be overcome by using nonvolatile acid-dopants as p-toluenesulfonic acid [7], dodecylbenzylsulfonic acid [8, 9], polymeric acids [10-13], and camphorsulfonic acid (CSA) [14, 15].