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Words related to henna

a reddish brown dye used especially on hair

apply henna to one's hair

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For additional information on Earth Science Week please contact Geoff Camphire, gac[at]americangeosciences.org
Yet, according to a 1998 federal study, a typical new teacher receives less than eight hours of professional support a year (Camphire, 2002).
"While this trend is new enough that we don't have a lot of research just yet, there is strong anecdotal evidence that an increasing number of caregivers are following residents into the assisted living setting," says Geoff Camphire, director of communications for the Assisted Living Federation of America.
(Would you know what camphire, fitches and terebinth were?).
Regrettably absent from this section is Judah Hadassi's Eshkol ha-Kofer (Cluster of Camphire), as relevant to the tradition of the medieval encyclopedia as is Maimonides's compendium.