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a small outdoor fire for warmth or cooking (as at a camp)

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Campfire, jimmy patterson/ Little, Brown, July 2018.
While most meals involve simple prep and cooking techniques, there are detailed explanations of campfire cooking methods and lots of hearty breakfast ideas to jump-start physically active days.
COTTAGE GROVE - An unattended campfire sparked a small blaze on the bank of the Dorena Reservoir early Saturday evening, but quick reporting by witnesses and quick response from fire officials snuffed the fire.
Continue reading "Unorthodox's Summer Camp Episode: Color War, Yiddishist Camps, Campfire Makeouts, and More" at...
They take campfires seriously, and Sarah even collects dryer lint to start fires.
The smoldering moose-incense does smell like a woodsy campfire. To Jerry Black, however, it smells like money.
He said: "There are local by-laws which prohibit camping and campfires and there have been some recent incidents of campers at the car park, and they have left a considerable amount of rubbish behind them when they have left.
Many wildfires are sparked by campfires that burn out of control.
In addition to chopping firewood and cooking over campfires, the 52,000 Boy Scouts in Los Angeles can now team to "be prepared" to protect intellectual property.
"Past Tents: The Way We Camped" by Susan Snyder (director of Access Services in The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley) is a photographic and descriptive history of family outings during the first years of the automobile, and of campgrounds and campfires against the backdrop of the Sierra Nevada, of the special gear and 'helpful' hints for vacationing in the newly formed state and national parks and forests.
CAMPFIRES and midnight feasts awaited young pupils from St Lawrence Primary School, in Napton, when they swapped their usual subjects like English and maths for a trip away.
By Cheyenne Campfires is a classic collection of Cheyenne tales recorded and compiled by George Bird Grinnell in the early 20th century.
"Most of you know I am better starting campfires with a lighter than two sticks.
Relaxed gender roles and antihomophobia powwows coexist with traditional activities such as canoeing, pottery, and campfires.
Multihued rock walls carved by rivers; evidence of a persevering human spirit; or dark night skies lit by campfires? For many of us, national parks provide a backdrop to some of our most memorable vacations.