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a girl who is a member of Campfire Girls

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In A Campfire Girl in Summer Camp, for example, two Camp Fire Girls named Bessie and Dolly encounter "gypsies" while hiking in the woods.
I hope GRIT readers can help me find a clothespin apron pattern and the Campfire Girls books.
Remember: the Campfire Girls and Boys and the Girl Scouts have recognized the importance of nondiscriminatory policies; so have Boy Scout organizations throughout most of Europe.
Healthy families tend to set certain conditions: "We will support you in karate lessons or Campfire Girls if you want to join, but we expect you to commit yourself to it for six months or a year without our nagging.
Since going into service the huge refractor and its state-of-the-art CCD cameras have thrilled tens of thousands of visitors, including boy scouts, campfire girls, students of all ages, church groups, amateur astronomers, and the general public.
Fans braved rainstorms, lightning, and tornado warnings to watch blistering sets from Jane's Addiction, Audioslave, Incubus, Queens of the Stoneage, Jurassic 5, The Donnas, Rooney, Fingertight, MC Supernatural, Cave In, Campfire Girls, Bellydance Superstars, and local Indianapolis band Wonderdrug.
Her family's McKay Foundation has contributed grants to a variety of local agencies, including Campfire Girls and Boys, the Pearl Buck Center and FOOD for Lane County.
His community service has included work with the Child and Family Center, Kiwanis, Theatre Arts for Children and the Campfire Girls.
Featuring support from the Campfire Girls and Your Enemies Friends, the tour began at the Roxy Theatre in West Hollywood, California, and ended in San Francisco on November 30th.
When her children were younger she was a dedicated volunteer in the Auburn School's Parent Teacher Association, Campfire Girls and Boy Scouts.
She has been a volunteer with the Girl Scouts, Campfire Girls and her church.
Another major fall event occurred when Cub Scouts and Campfire girls braved inclement weather to plant 50 trees in a famous and Historic Tree Grove at Farragut State Park near Coeur d'Alene.
She was a member of Our Lady of the Angels Church, a former member of the Worcester Police Wives Association and a volunteer for the campfire girls.
Thelma and Louise were Campfire Girls compared to the tres fatale femmes of ``Baise Moi,'' a film that endeavors to be so upsetting that it even managed to get banned in its native France.
Schoolchildren and Campfire Girls held poetry contests to raise money to help the city purchase the land and establish a small park.