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Synonyms for camper

someone living temporarily in a tent or lodge for recreation

a recreational vehicle equipped for camping out while traveling

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Play-Date at Camp is designed to help campers such as these.
Campers can hike, swim, fish and ride horses in the sprawling backcountry.
Campers at RWU summer camps come from many educational backgrounds, and include both home schoolers and public school students.
Campers are assigned to one of 10 Nintendo-themed virtual cabins, including the Mario & Luigi Cabin or the Captain Falcon Cabin, where they chat with team members and real Nintendo game play counselors.
He or she acts as moderator between campers, parents, higher echelons of the organization, and finally the board of trustees.
YMCA leaders said the program offers a progressive camping experience for campers age 8 through high school, as well as an extensive leadership development program for teens.
Growing up in an increasingly competitive and stressful world, it is important for our campers to learn healthy and rewarding ways to spend their leisure time.
Yes, say camp administrators, while emphasizing that no program, regardless of its connections, can guarantee stardom or even recognition beyond, say, the CD that campers bring home to play for family and friends.
Taught in a fun and relaxed atmosphere, ACE campers are placed in small classes, loosely based upon age and experience.
Some folks boast of waiting lists and high numbers of returning campers.
The other campers cheered on the hula-hoopers - one from each ``tribe,'' or group of campers - until only two were left with hoops still spinning.
If campers do not learn to do this on their own, they will never develop self-esteem--which is building confidence from one's defeats and finding their ability to overcome adversity.
As the cabin group comes together, campers go through an "orientation" characterized by testing.
Compared to a demographically equivalent sample of first-year campers who did not receive this multimodal intervention, the first-year campers in this sample were less homesick, enjoyed camp more, and evidenced fewer behavior problems.
Camp is an ideal environment for older campers and younger staff to get their first real experiences with responsibility and develop new interests--while dealing with the normal challenges of "growing up.