Campephilus principalis

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large black-and-white woodpecker of southern United States and Cuba having an ivory bill

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The female woodpecker, whose Latin name is Campephilus principalis, was acquired by the museum in the early 1970s and was part of a donated collection.
montanus (Linnaeus), I R Eurasian tree sparrow Extirpated: Campephilus principalis S (Linnaeus), ivory-billed woodpecker Conuropsis carolinensis I (Linnaeus), Carolina parakeet Ectopistes migratorius I (Linnaeus), passenger pigeon Grus americana (Linnaeus), N whooping crane Numenius borealis (Forster), I eskimo curlew Perdix perdix (Linnaeus), gray N partridge Tympanuchus cupido (Linnaeus), NW greater prairie-chicken Vermivora bachmanii (Audubon), S Bachman's warbler Season CLASS AVES Order Gaviiformes (loons) Family Gaviidae (loons) Gavia adamsii (Gray), yellow- A billed loon G.
In addition to the American Ivorybill population, biologists also identified another subspecies called Campephilus principalis bairdii, or the Cuban Ivory-billed Woodpecker, and rumors abound that a few still exist in eastern Cuba.