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Pollen types identified from Refahiye propolis Taxa/Family % Taxa/Family % Apiaceae 1.2 Fagaceae Asteraceae Quercus 11.2 Echinate type 9.2 Lamiaceae 2.6 Scabrate type 1.2 Thymus 1 Xanthium 2 Phlomis 0.6 Taraxacum 1.8 Rosaceae 1.8 Carthamus 4.2 Sanguisorba 0.6 Centaurea 1.8 Salicaceae Betulaceae Salix 5 Betula 0.4 Populus 4 Boraginaceae 8.8 Pinaceae Onosma 0.6 Pinus 0.2 Brassicaceae 0.6 Poaceae 0.6 Campanulaceae 1 Unidentified 1.2 Fabaceae 20.2 Astragalus 10.2 Onobrychis 8 Table 2.
BTC AB Opuntia tomentosa Salm-Dyck BTC AB CAMPANULACEAE Diastatea tenera (A.
& Triana (Campanulaceae) en Ecuador y Costa Rica (Armbruster et al., 1994; Muchhala & Potts, 2007).
Although overall chloroplast genome organization is highly conserved among taxa, structural rearrangements due to inversions have been reported in different taxa like Campanulaceae [15], Cyatheaceae [16], Fabaceae [17], Funariaceae [18], Geraniaceae [19], Onagraceae [20], and Poaceae [21,22].
Codonopsis lanceolata (family Campanulaceae) is a popular medicinal herb that is used to prevent various lung inflammations, such as bronchitis and cough [14].
Se caracteriza por un bosque primario con un sotobosque denso (0-5 m aproximadamente), donde los arbustos de las familias Rubiaceae, Urticaceae, Solanaceae, Campanulaceae, junto con Acanthaceae (Aphelandra sp.), Picramniaceae (Picramnia sp.), helechos (Cyathea) y Arecaceae (palmas) son los mas frecuentes.
Four other weed species including Coronopus didymus (brassicaceae) Marsilea minuta (marsileaceae), Paspalum distichum (poaceae), and Sphenoclea zeylanica (campanulaceae) were consistently infected by the nematode but at population levels reduced from those found in rice roots.