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a region of southwestern Italy on the Tyrrhenian Sea including the islands of Capri and Ischia

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These particular areas in Adelaide were popular with Campanian migrants who adapted to the city's wide, planned streetscape surrounded by green belts of parkland.
Over five decades, Campanian migrants not only settled, found employment and nurtured their families but, as a collective, they established associations and community clubs.
The research project explored how the Campanian migrants adapted and functioned within the norms of the dominant culture in the context of being culturally displaced.
What we now seem to have is a Graeco-Oscan name of a type which is well-attested both in Campania and amongst some Campanians in the Greek East.
1) in others that the entire elite was slaughtered (as happened during the capture of Rhegium by Campanian mercenaries in 275 B.
The late Campanian (~75-70 Ma) Sabana Grande sediments conformably overlie the igneous rocks (Bourgois et al.
Based on micropaleontological dating of foraminifera in limestones associated with the basalts, Henningsen (1966) assigned a Campanian age to the Basal (e.
To broaden the field of enquiry, an examination of the other passages in the correspondence in which Vestorius' name is mentioned in connection with matters intellectual shows that they are all rather heavyhanded jokes at the expense of the practical Campanian businessman.