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a region of southwestern Italy on the Tyrrhenian Sea including the islands of Capri and Ischia

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What we now seem to have is a Graeco-Oscan name of a type which is well-attested both in Campania and amongst some Campanians in the Greek East.
The subgenus Perpensum became distinct in the Campanian at more or less the same time as Milligania.
The occurrence of the holotype (SMU-SMP 69031) in the Roxton Limestone Member (upper Lower Campanian) of the Gober Chalk in Fannin County, Texas is significant both geographically and stratigraphically.
Oysters from Circeii, the promontory north of Formiae on the Campanian coast, are mentioned by Horace (Sat.
Based on planktonic foraminifera biostratigraphy the Kawagarh Formation represent Santonian to Campanian age in Khwari Khwar Section and Santonian to Maastrichtian age in Khanpur Dam Section.
(1996): An Early Campanian vertebrate fauna from the Villeveyrac Basin (Herault, Southern France).
The most volcanic-ash-rich layer"-likely corresponding to the so-called Campanian Ignimbrite eruption, which occurred near Naples (map)-"had no [tree] pollen and very little pollen from other types of plants.
In the Late Campanian Dinosaur Park Formation of Alberta, all the plesiosaur remains recovered are from individuals of small size, and one-third of the specimens show features indicative of juvenile individuals (Sato et al., 2005).
extant Alnus, occur during the Santonian and the Campanian in Japan, the
-- Two nautiloid species, Cimomia ozani new species and Eutrephoceras dekayi (Morton), are described from the Campanian Ozan Formation of the Taylor Group in northeast Texas.
Globotruncanita calcarata of late Campanian age is identified and its age is further extended into early Maastrichtian based on the presence of associated Maastrichtian planktonic and benthic foraminifera within the Globotruncanita calcarata biozone.