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a contribution made to a politician or a political campaign or a political party

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In assessing the political party and campaign finance regulations, the report welcomes that amended legislation increased the transparency of political finance.
While critics of traditional campaign finance often cite the grouping together of multiple campaign donations for the purpose of giving them to a candidate or candidate's committee as an example of undue influence of lobbyists and special interests, bundling is legal in Massachusetts, but subject to restrictions.
Ray La Raja has written one of the most provocative campaign finance books in recent memory.
assembles and excerpts a sampling of legal arguments by both supporters and opponents of campaign finance reform in the US that invoke the Constitution.
While not all companies need a PAC, if company executives want to be politically connected, they should consider forming one to protect themselves and their company from unintended campaign finance violations.
This issue of the magazine focuses on the health of our democracy, with the feature articles dedicated to three of our priority Democracy Agenda concerns: civil liberties, election reform and campaign finance reform.
The Supreme Court struck down Vermont's reform-oriented campaign finance system yesterday.
A: Which speaks to the utter futility of campaign finance reform.
Campaign finance reform must address the needs of a wider field of candidates, some of whom do not come from the ranks of the two main political parties.
Speaking to an audience of the initiated, Treglia described how the crusade for campaign finance reform was "an immense scare perpetrated on the American people by a cadre of left-wing foundations and disguised as a 'mass movement,'" wrote New York Post reporter Ryan Sager.
Stephanie Moore, executive director of the Fannie Lou Hamer Project adds, "The current campaign finance system acts like a modern-day poll tax.
As long as campaign finance continues to be stymied, primarily by the GOP, the environmental movement needs to play the money game.
And during the last election, the Progressive Party was outraged when Dean attempted to defund the public campaign finance system in Vermont.
In the 2000 race for the presidency, Arizona senator John McCain promoted campaign finance reform as a partial remedy for widespread citizen cynicism toward politics.
The campaign finance reform legislation recently passed by Congress is facing legal challenges from a host of opponents, including two Religious Right heavyweights founded by TV preacher Pat Robertson.
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