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Synonyms for camper

someone living temporarily in a tent or lodge for recreation

a recreational vehicle equipped for camping out while traveling

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The CAMPA has pushed back the agenda of Forest Rights as the Government is more interested in enforcing the CAMPA instead of Forest Rights Act.
177-95) presents the history of the study of the Campa inscriptions ([section] 1) as well as the history of the museum and its epigraphic collection ([section] 2).
Now Arlo Griffiths, Amandine Lepoutre, William Southworth and Thanh Phan have published a catalogue of Campa inscriptions from the Museum of Cham Sculpture in Danang (Bao Tang Dieu Khac Cham Da Nang) as a part of the EFEO project 'Corpus of the Inscriptions of Campa' (http://isaw.
Most sales are divided up by geographic proximity," Campa says.
23, 38), the possibility that ancient Campa was more than a nation of ethnic Cams, there is no reason to assume that modern Cams are a 'mere remnant'; we must be mindful of the corollary that the direct forefathers of the Cams of Phan Rang may never have occupied more than a small part of Campa, and of the possible difference between culturally and ethnically Cam remains in the highlands.
According to Rique Campa, a professor of wildlife ecology at Michigan State University, this helps the fawn blend into its surroundings--and keeps the baby safely out of sight of wolves and other predators.
Having a car was a bill I could do without," said Campa.
You are the gatekeepers to our [CPO] community," Campa told the selection board.
Growing up as a sailor and not understanding what the Coast Guard is all about is a shame," Campa said.
Gustavo Campa, director general de Computerland, enfatizo que el mercado traza el camino a seguir en el negocio, razon por la que "de ser un distribuidor tradicional decidimos comenzar a certificamos y concentramos en otros segmentos".
Integrado por Carlos Campa, "Regalito" (de 26 anos de edad); Alejandro Campa, "Raton" (de 17); y Alfonso Campa, "Campita" (de 54, padre de los 2 anteriores y 3 mas), el conjunto trae el virus circense en el ADN: ya los abuelos de don Alfonso fueron cirqueros y tanto el como sus hijos nacieron bajo la carpa y se iniciaron en las lides de la farandula apenas aprendieron a caminar: --Pero jamas descuidamos los estudios: yo decidi echar raices en Monterrey y trabajar solo en circos locales, para que mis hijos no crecieran en camiones o carretas, como gitanos, de un lado a otro --cuenta el patriarca.
Questa pubblicazione, frutto della collaborazione assidua del presidente dell'American Association of Teachers of Italian, Anthony Mollica, e Riccardo Campa, pro-rettore dell'Universita per Stranieri di Siena, segna uua pietra miliare nel rapporto culturale tra le universita nordamericane e il mondo accademico, culturale e govenativo italiano.
The speakers include Dennis Campa, director, department of community initiatives, San Antonio, Tex.
van der Brink as a campa santo, an Italian field of the dead, the cemetery is focused around a central chapel, surrounded by radiating paths.
Campa (1993), and I analyze the sensitivity of the results to specification of the dependent variable.
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