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a woman who engages in sexual intercourse for payment

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a follower who is not a member of an ingroup

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There was a perception that had Pakistan not become camp-follower of the West, it would not have been disintegrated as a result of international intrigue.
The army and camp-followers, numbering twenty-five to thirty thousand, are looking forward to a dignified withdrawal strategy back to British India.
Like the mob at the time of the French Revolution, although hardly sans-culottes, all easily led from behind a la Robespierre, distant camp-followers, fanatics and old proselytisers.
They began to fight their way to India, 16,000 soldiers, wives and children and camp-followers.
Only a fewweeksagohewas lecturing his happy camp-followers that the English recession was caused by Brown's Big Government, now David Cameron lectures us that recent quarterly economic results are not as good as those of France and Germany also coming out of a downturn.
Similarly the shrill Obama camp-followers like Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow will go into shock if their smug forecasts turn out to be false.
When the 1858 gold rush to the Fraser River attracted hordes of American prospectors and camp-followers, the British Government created a colony, British Columbia, on the mainland, making James Douglas governor.
Once again, he excoriates the "School of Resentment" that has ruined the study of literature and now, in the person of Rich, threatens literature itself: "Culturally, we are at Thermopylae: the multiculturalists, the hordes of camp-followers afflicted by the French diseases, the mock-feminists, the commissars, the gender-and-power freaks, the hosts of new historicists and old materialists--all stand below us.
The conjuncture of the Sino-Soviet breach 'going public' with Khruschev's decision to sign the partial Test-Ban treaty gets buried in this treatment, as does the folly of the Kennedy camp-followers in reviving the ludicrous proposals for a sea-borne mixed-manned European nuclear deterrent force in the summer of 1963, as a solution to very largely imaginary fears that West Germany was about to demand her own independent nuclear force.
The British, forced out of Kabul, were fighting their way to India, 16,000 soldiers, families and camp-followers.
Of course, for the political elites as also for their camp-followers in the media, commentariat and civil society, the outgoing year holds an historic significance.
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