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a site where people on holiday can pitch a tent

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At the camp sites, the owners permit employees and visitors to have food and alcohol.
There are also a number of permanent, authorized camp sites on public and private property in the metro area.
To encourage campers to follow rules, the best camp site owner will be honoured by the municipality.
Territory of the existing green area near the camp site was illegally seized for the construction of houses in 2005-2007.
Both parents understood Horatio would be equipped with a pen flare, with a working trip wire around his camp site and a weapon available to a trip leader in case of an attack.
The van was returning to Suisa camp from Ayodhya hills when the accident happened near the camp site under Bagmundi police station area.
Summary: GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip: Armed assailants in black masks burned and vandalized a UN summer camp site Sunday and left behind three bullets next to written death threats against UN officials - the latest escalation of tensions between Islamic extremists and UN representatives in Hamas-ruled Gaza.
A SECOND permanent camp site for travellers in Birmingham has been earmarked for Shard End, prompting protests from residents and a bitter eveof-election political row.
The event, held at Beaudesert Camp Site in Rugeley, Staffordshire, aims to test volunteers' first aid skills, their team work and leadership skills.
EQUINE athletes will give way to the human variety at Sedgefield next month, when hundreds of participants in the Great North Run and spectators will pitch their tents on the event's official camp site in the centre of the course.
The incident happened at Shell Island camp site near Harlech earlier this month, Ian Evans, prosecuting, told Dolgellau magistrates.
They smiled, offered flowers and one brave girl made up as a clown even cuddled a copper at the camp site.
We camped out at Park Foot camp site in Pooley Bridge but by the end of the week we were ready to leave.
We had a standard camp site reserved, but found out later the Volcom crew and others had a field on the edge of town with tents, cars, fires, shrooms, dirt bikes, and live music going on.
The ACSI camp guide goes beyond this basic information to include the rating, review, and amenities for the site such as information on sports, water recreation, shopping and facilities available at the camp site.
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