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a site where people on holiday can pitch a tent

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In the meantime, he told the court that although he was a decade older than Ntesi, he did not find it amusing that he complied with his instruction that he should guard one of the entrances while he (Ntesi) and Mpho Mangwa chased the fleeing security guard into the third portion of Tuwana camp site towards the Chinese man's house.
Raising friendship levels make them more likely to visit the camp site the player created.
The illegal campers have been accused of ignoring registration regulations and littering the camp sites in Sakhir, causing an additional burden on authorities who have been running a massive clean-up operation to clear mountains of trash dumped by campers at the end of the last camping season that ended in March.
We thank you for coming here to our camp site and for supporting our call for the pullout of the paramilitary.
To encourage campers to follow rules, the best camp site owner will be honoured by the municipality.
Territory of the existing green area near the camp site was illegally seized for the construction of houses in 2005-2007.
Both parents understood Horatio would be equipped with a pen flare, with a working trip wire around his camp site and a weapon available to a trip leader in case of an attack.
Wanting to close Whoville in April, the council last month designated another 15-person camp site at Chambers Street and Northwest Expressway.
Meanwhile, residents of the federal capital demanded of the CDA chairman to construct a tourist camp site for Pakistanis too.
limited (TCC) announced today that the Company has decided to put the Reko Diq camp site on care and maintenance with only a handful of employees retained at the site for equipment maintenance.
By 11am we were on the edge of Luxembourg, well on our way to Saarburg in Germany, just south of Trier on the Luxembourg border, to our camp site at Warsberg.
The camp site is located next to the Saudi field hospital.
Summary: GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip: Armed assailants in black masks burned and vandalized a UN summer camp site Sunday and left behind three bullets next to written death threats against UN officials - the latest escalation of tensions between Islamic extremists and UN representatives in Hamas-ruled Gaza.
My client now accepts that the public have access to the camp site roads.
They smiled, offered flowers and one brave girl made up as a clown even cuddled a copper at the camp site.
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