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a site where people on holiday can pitch a tent

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'In spite of the challenges that we face, I am hopeful that the Kazikini camp site offers some light at the end of the tunnel.
The PDMA has started rescue and reconstruction work on the camp site of the Chinese engineers, while heavy machinery using to restored the residential facilities in the camp.
The camp site's owners describe River Breamish as "the perfect outdoor escape for anyone looking for a peaceful yet adventurous getaway".
Paul Wolff Campground, within Burnidge Forest Preserve in Elgin, contains 104 total camp sites. There are 89 improved sites complete with 50-amp electrical service, water access, parking pads and fire rings.
The boys had taken a 'red teddy bear' pill, thought to have contained MDMA, shortly before arriving at the camp site around 11pm, the inquest was told.
The reduction comes after the Bute Parks Alliance raised concerns the camp site could leave Pontcanna Fields in a flood-prone, muddy state - as it was left when the last time the Eisteddfod came to Cardiff in 2008.
class="MsoNormalNow the women group runs a camp site, curio shops as well as providing cultural entertainment to tourists.
Raising friendship levels make them more likely to visit the camp site the player created.
As a result, the popular camping season is starting three weeks late this year, from November 10 to March 4, and the deposit fee paid for each camp site has been increased from BD50 to BD150.
Despite being ordered to appear at Dolgellau Magistrate Court on December 17 the camp site owner did not and an arrest warrant was issued.
His Eminence visited the camp site of the group this morning, November 11, 2015, to personally know the situation of the Lumads who are in Manila for their Manilakbayan caravan, to protest the attacks on their schools and communities in Mindanao.
The camp site features a small kitchen under a canopy as well as a shower tent and portable toilet.
A Dh2,000 refundable security deposit is also taken for the camp site.
205 housing facilities have been erected at the Ak-Tilek camp site without permission as of 2014, the mayor's office of Bishkek said on November 13.
Both parents understood Horatio would be equipped with a pen flare, with a working trip wire around his camp site and a weapon available to a trip leader in case of an attack.
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